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Thread: The Hopkinsville Encounter

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    The Hopkinsville Encounter

    Here's a run down on the Hopkinsville Goblin Encounter....

    Here's one of my own screenshots of a "goblin-like" creature that showed up in one of my recordings. (note: as a side note, on the left of that creature is a profile of a human... it's in the upper left section of the screenshot)


    Here are some re-draws based on the original sketches of those goblins encountered at that incident.

    more later.....
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    Some of Mac Tonnies insights on that case.

    "If they were “real,” then their reality might not be as amenable to the ETH as researchers would like. Conversely, the desire to debunk the Sutton family’s claim appears little more than a protest against the episode’s surreal nature. UFO researchers like their aliens to abide by 20th century preconceptions of what alien beings should look like; entities like those observed in Hopkinsville comprise a kind of viral assault on conformist ufology by insinuating themselves into reigning conceits and quietly subverting ETH dogma.

    Ultimately, their existence is marginalized and becomes less ufological than “fortean.” We’re asked, in effect, to consider the Hopkinsville visitors and their like as somehow separate and distinct from “hardcore” case-files that more readily suggest extraterrestrial visitation. We do so at our peril. Even UFO cases central to advocates of the ETH sometimes betray a psychosocial agenda. (“Dogfights” and radar-visual engagements with UFOs, while impressive evidence that the phenomenon is anything but simply visionary, also present the specter of an inexplicably “playful” disposition; this clashes with dogmatic assurances that extrasolar aliens would refrain from such childish behavior.) Encounters with “Hopkinsville-type” beings demonstrate an undeniable commonality with both folkloric sources and the contemporary UFO phenomenon. Taken together, these inconvenient similarities force us to question the easy certainties that prevailed in the 1950s, when visiting space aliens seemed all-but inevitable. “Limbo” cases like...

    Hopkinsville allow us to assess the phenomenon in a brighter, less sullied light. While one can argue endlessly in favor of a literal extraterrestrial interpretation, a holistic approach leads us to consider that the UFO intelligence not only wants to perpetuate itself via dramatic encounters with ostensible “occupants,” but intends to discredit its own machinations: it stages exciting UFO events that infect both the research community and the popular imagination, knowing that the phenomenon’s inherent absurdity will eventually inspire cognitive dissonance and undermine attempts to arrive at an indictment. We’re thus conditioned to accept the ETH one moment only to succumb to the
    “giggle factor” the next, never peering past the curtain to see the agenda behind the special effects. We’re kept in a sort of amnesiac stupor, occasionally graced by visits from what can only be structured ET craft . . . and then deflated by the latest bizarre “occupant” report or account of “missing time.” Our infatuation with the unknown is systematically provoked and dismantled by a memetic campaign that’s never less than astute in its grasp of human belief."

    Mac Tonnies, Cryptoterrestrials (San Antonio TX, 2010) p.95
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    WRT my screenshot, I will gladly take a lie detector test concerning its authenticity... that it's real and not a hoax. If anyone want to foot the bill on that test, you can choose any polygraph service in my geographical area.

    Here's the wiki page on that case:

    Mac Tonnies
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    The "Hopkinsville case" is listed as an "unknown" in the Blue Book casefiles. Multiple witnesses of same phenomena. What is rarely mentioned is that a nuclear proceeing facility was in the area. These aliens might have been trying to study radioactive effects on the population. Perhaps a bit more investigation is warranted of the geographic location of the sighting.

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    Thanks for mentioning that and will do a look up of that. Interesting.

    Here's one of the original sketches drawn by a witness in that case:

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    I think the reason why "The Phenomena" of the extra-terrestrials and/or ultra-terrestrials are never fully understood is mostly because we are looking for interpretations of reality that suits us.

    I think when it comes to the true story, we are basically looking for an all inclusive truth. One that covers the entire spectrum and defines what is and isn't possible....or at the very least what is and what isn't a reality. The problem with scientific reasoning is that it analyzes processes and tries to derive a conclusion about what processes say about the universe.

    Conclusions are made about reality based on the trees under examination and not the full array of the forest. The main limiting factor is practicality of examination. We study mechanisms in nature and look for an unchanging pattern and call that reliable. Yet, when we look extremely carefully at the makeup of reality, we all start to come to the conclusion that there are no rules without exceptions.

    Some scientist (out of faith in the method to reach a conclusion) delude themselves into thinking that the world can be understood if you look hard enough at a single tree or a set of trees. If all we can study in front of us tells us that all ET's should be made of flesh and blood and of a particular matter, then all ET's should be made of flesh and blood and of a particular matter.

    Reality states otherwise. Therefore, upon this contradictory, evidence a good scientist should assume that there is more to the story. A bigger crop of trees not yet studied. Unfortunately, scientist are like a faith, they assume automatically that the witnesses "are in error" and indeed all ET's (if they exist) must be made of flesh and blood and of a particular matter.

    Hence, we get a clear disconnect in certain scientific "cultures". The only way that it changes is if there is undeniable evidence (and general consensus) that not all ET are flesh and blood and not all made of the same particular matter.


    I think the only thing that is ever truth is an all inclusive truth. That can cover all things in reality and establish a solid reasoning for why certain possible exceptions will not ultimately occur. Rather than the truth I think we are looking for the specific narrative of why things are ("as of right now") the way they are. What that means is anyones guess.

    Right now mankind is sort of in the forest surrounded by the dark just frisking a tree or two within reach. Knowing a few things about the trees using the implementations (their hands and anything within close reach) to best ascertain what is and isn't reality.

    That pink Elephant standing 4 feet beyond that grasp and beyond their insight in the dark will someday redefine what we think we all know. Imagine what else is out there?


    What is even more interesting is that those who have studied the reality of the forest beyond mankinds grasp and reach....stay strangely quiet and say nothing. Even lying profusely when asked.

    Some in the forest even state contradictory tales of what the forest called reality is really about.

    Interesting indeed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fore View Post
    I think the reason why "The Phenomena" of the extra-terrestrials and/or ultra-terrestrials are never fully understood is mostly because we are looking for interpretations of reality that suits us.
    That right there say's a lot.
    "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth"
    Sherlock Holmes

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    I agree... for example. most do not want to explore the possibility that the beings in ones encounters are in reality the jinn, demons or archon's. But as for myself, I most definitely explore those possibilities too when it comes to my own experiences and those of others too.

    Nothing, at this point, can be ruled out because those kinds of beings are excellent super intelligent mimickers who can shape-shift and pose as anything they want to. When they are not mimicking something, then they even create something that's usually a reflection in some way of the person or group they are showing themselves to in some way, shape or form. So they are creator's too... creator's of templates that are then archived away in the Akashic Records or whatever one chooses to call that.

    Since time memorial, every culture out there has their own name for them and that alone is something that has to be taken into consideration when analyzing whatever it is that presents itself to us at any given time.

    The best we can do is do a comparative analysis between those known frameworks and paradigms out there when it comes to our own experience's and those of others.

    Demonology is one of those paradigm's.

    Exopolitics is another.

    For example....

    Alfred L. Webre has introduced a dimension based typology based on: (as stated at the beginning of his Omniverse book)

    1) How intelligent civilizations describe themselves, as being based in a specific dimension, "density", or energy
    frequency -- which is a civilization's most fundamental typological, locational, and developmental criterion.

    2) Concurrently, they can also be typed by exophenotypology (a classification system based on what they look like).

    3) Two types of evidence are acceptable by the science of Exopolitics:
    a) The first is replicable remote viewing.
    b) The second is eyewitness and documentary evidence, consisting of eyewitness contactee and telepathic interaction with representatives and intermediaries of reported intelligent civilizations'governance authorities.

    4) Dimensionality is a key design criterion of the Omniverse.
    (Dimensionality, the ability of intelligence to organize itself via dimensions (discrete bands of conscious energy), appears to be the key criterion by which the Omniverse is designed, both in spiritual and exopolitical dimensions. Intelligent civilizations (including extraterrestrial and interdimensional ones), in both spiritual and exopolitical dimensions, can be typed by the dimensions in which they are based.
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