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Thread: Leslie Kean - links, interviews (cont)

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    Quote Originally Posted by noot View Post
    I'm in full agreement with Brumac on that. Look at the larger issue.

    The larger issue for me is that Kean alleges a cover up...there was none in this case.

    Is she really an investigative journalist?

    Do you really believe she made this error by accident?

    What else might I find if I fact check her?

    The sighting itself is perplexing and somewhat unexplained, although Ive seen good attempts.

    But Kean is misleading everyone that has read her book.

    In a field struggling for credibility, that's just un-excusable.

    And she did it knowingly.

    You can't claim the moral high ground built on a foundation of lies.

    Can you really?

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    Government 'coverup' has always been an article of faith in the UFO community starting with Don Keyhoe and continuing through Stan Friedman, Rich Dolan and Leslie. Truth and disclosure is considered out of character for the CIA, other IC or any government agency- including the FAA. When have you known any of them to tell the truth? When it serves your purpose- the government suddenly tells the truth?? Leslie is not immune to this prejudice. Nor am I. Nor are you.
    "Toon, with an attitude like that I'm surprised you're not in jail". Brother Dankk

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    It should not be made up either, as Kean has done

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    Dear colleagues.

    In case you missed these rebuttals between skeptics George Michael and Robert Sheaffer over Leslie Kean's book "UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record," here is the complete chronology:

    On the March 28, 2012, in the newsletter eSkeptic, George Michael reviewed Leslie Kean's book. His review is titled "Best Evidence for UFOs."
    Review link:

    On the April 4, 2012 issue of eSkeptic, Robert Sheaffer rebutted George Michael's review. Sheaffer's rebuttal is titled "The Day the Skeptics Society Wasn’t Skeptical."
    Rebuttal link:
    Two days before, Sheaffer also posted it on his blog where users also started a debate within the comment section:

    And finally, in the latest issue of eSkeptic from April 11, 2012; George Michael rebuts Robert Sheaffer's rebuttal. It is titled: "Reply to Robert Sheaffer." Immediately, below you can find another rebuttal of the George Michael's rebuttal to Sheaffer original rebuttal, titled: "Response to George Michael"

    Link of latest two rebuttals:

    Best Wishes.

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    Thanks for the links. I was going to put up a thread on this, then I thought I'd better check to see if you already did.

    The reviews and the debunking are well worth reading, if only to show that debunking hasn't improved in quality or tone since Phil Klass shuffled off this mortal coil. The Bentwaters Case is discussed and for those interested this is a must read. Something unusual took place there and the attempts to explain away are lacking, to say the least.

    There is a lot to argue about in Leslie Kean's book and I am grateful for that, if nothing else. She has renewed the arguments, pro and con, and some heavy hitters, old and new, are weighing in.

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    Billy Cox comments rebutalls in his latest article


    De Void
    Kicking the hornets’ nest
    Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 9:49 by Billy Cox

    Dr. George Michael clearly had no idea what he was stepping into last month when he submitted a favorable review of Leslie Kean’s UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On the Record to eSkeptic, the online newsletter of the Skeptics Society. Boy, was he in for an education.

    'The tribe often thinks the visionary has turned his back on them. When, in fact, the visionary has simply turned his face to the future' ― Ray Davis/CREDIT:

    “I would’ve hoped they would’ve been more open-minded instead of going ad hominem and calling me clueless and stupid,” said Michael from Montgomery, Ala. That’s where he teaches nuclear counterproliferation and deterrence theory, at the Air War College, as an associate professor. “I know they categorically reject UFOs, I just didn’t know how deep it went.”

    Michael, a relative newcomer to the UFO controversy, apparently passed a Skeptical smell test last year without incident. Intrigued by Stephen Hawking’s warnings in 2010 that radio signals might alert galactic conquistadors to the presence of life on Earth, Michael revisited three classes of hypothetical extraterrestrial civilizations proposed by Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev in the 1960s. His article didn’t mention UFOs. Skeptic Magazine published it in 2011.

    But last week, the spit hit the fan.

    (More at link...)

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    Leslie Kean has just written another book 'Evidence for an Afterlife'

    She also been interviewed here about it

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    Working my way through 'Evidence for an Afterlife' - it is in a word -'brilliant' She has gathered together all the best scientific research on evidence of life after death. Clear concise very well researched with some wonderful stories.

    She also just been interviewed by George Knapp Survival 'After Death/ Inside UFOs'

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    Leslie Kean is working on a 6 part documentary series based on her book Surving Death

    Facebook post
    I've disappeared for a while from this page! That's because I've been working hard on the 6-part documentary series based on Surviving Death which will air next year. We begin shooting in May. Here is a meeting with some of the team from Break Thru Films. The director, Ricki Stern, is sitting opposite me.

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    Great interview here with Leslie Kean about physical mediumship

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