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Thread: Mass Sighting of Turkey 2007-2009 - The Real Story! My Findings!

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    Mass Sighting of Turkey 2007-2009 - The Real Story! My Findings!

    Some of the forum members may already by familiar with this case, but many might not be. After searching the forum I could not find another thread about this case.

    Case Background:

    Although Turkey has a long history of UFO reports ancient and present, between 2007 and 2009 the residents of Kumburgaz were witness to an unusual flap of ongoing multiple incidents of anomalous aerial objects. Local citizens men, woman, and children saw things they could not explain and still can't. They were oval and circular unidentified aerial objects which seem to present themselves silently in the air stationary and occasionally maneuvering. There were also red, orange, and white pulsating plasma lights behaving in a strange manner.

    At first, the videos were analyzed under the direction of researcher Haktan Akdogan. SIRIUS UFO and Space Science Research Center (no relation to Greer) firstly spoke with all the witnesses separately and then did the analysis of the videos. With participation of the members of their science board they enlarged the video images. They did all the detailed analysis, checked their pixels, and went through frame by frame.

    The video was analyzed by "The Scientific and Technology Research Board of Turkey" and "TUG National Observatory" which are both sponsored by the state and highly influential.

    "After doing all the necessary analysis which went on for several weeks, the board came to a definite conclusion with no doubt that these are 100% genuine videos. The objects sighted in the aforementioned footage that have a structure that is made of specific material are definitely not made up by any kind of computer animation nor are they any form of special effects used for simulation in a studio or for a video effect therefore in conclusion it was decided that the sightings were neither a mock up or hoax. And it is concluded that these objects in the sightings that have physical and material structures do not belong in any category such as; planes, helicopters, meteors, Venus, Mars, satellites, fire balls, Chinese lantern, fire balls, weather balloons, natural or atmospheric phenomenon etc. and but rather fall into the category of UFOs."

    The original cassettes of film have also been studied by people from Japan, Chile, Brazil, U.S, and Russia. After several attempts, to this date nobody has been able to successfully explain what is seen in the videos and they remain unidentified. The footage shows silver round, disc, and cigar shaped objects which hover over the sea several feet in the air. The video was recorded with a camera that had a tele-Iconverter adapter capable of filming at 200 times optical achieving a great amount of detail .

    It is important to note that the camera was pointing outwards towards the sea from the northwest region of Turkey. - There are no oil platforms or lighthouses in this area or anything I could find that could explain what was recorded.

    The Turkey UFO Raw Footage:

    Higher quality versions now available which came from the original source. As you will see these have much better clarity than the older ones on Youtube.

    2009 Turkey UFO Raw Footage:

    2008 Turkey UFO Raw Footage Part 1

    2008 Turkey UFO Raw Footage Part 2

    2008 Turkey UFO Raw Footage Part 3

    The camera he was using was a MiniDV Canon DM-GRI-A based on the NTSC system with a diaphragm set at the maximum of 1.8. It's a 3CCD 20x optic 100x with a tele-converter mounted on a 58mm adapter. Tele-objective is a Sony brand vci hgd 1758 model lens, x 1.7.

    - There were over 12 witnesses who filed reports with SIRIUS.
    - 25 different instances over 21 separate dates of video were taken.

    An archive of over 600 single frame snapshots from the video - JPEG

    There is much more to this case.

    It may seem to good to be true for some and it did for me at the beginning, but after watching the video from beginning to end, there is no simple answer. Since 2009 these footages have been gone over with scrutiny but nobody has been able to discover a single piece of evidence that suggests a hoax.

    Continued below....
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    2007 Turkey UFO Raw Footage

    In this video Haktan and Yalcin discuss several issues:

    Here is an interview with several local residents who were witnesses:

    Here is the media coverage of TUBIAK releasing their findings:

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    The The Science and Technology Research Board of Turkey report reads as follows:

    Mr.Tolga Özdeniz

    On January 31, 2008, a MiniDV format video cassette holding 35 minutes of footage was brought over to "TUBITAK" The Science and Technology Research Board of Turkey’s (a Scientific Institution owned by the state that is highly reliable and influential) National Observatory (TUG) by Mr.Tolga Ozdeniz, the Editor of "Reporter" that has been aired on ATV Channel. The footage on the cassette was said to have been recorded by a Canon GL1 MiniDV digital camera on a beach of a holiday village in Kumburgaz/Istanbul by an amateur.

    The images were examined by TUG- National Observatory Image Processing Unit. Because, it would take quite a long time to analyze all of the images, only randomly selected parts were pre-examined. During this process, emphasis was not placed on images produced by optical clarification effects which a number of point light sources generated.

    The examination of these frames has yielded following results:

    - The images were recorded in digital NTSC format by above-mentioned camera.

    - The date on the video indicates that the recordings were made during 2007, 2008, and 2009.

    - The footage images of the object which visibly have a certain configuration are not computer animations, special video effects or studio re-created images or models. The footage is genuine…

    - The first observation made from the footage is that some of the images were recorded in nighttime sky at a certain altitude from the horizon. The footage also covers images of moon in some parts which proves that the video was shot in nighttime and open air. But, the fact that digital date display’s showing AM in certain frames and PM in others, raises suspicion about the validity of the time in which the recordings were made.

    - Since in some parts, there is no other object that can be featured as a reference in the close-up frames and no observable differences were found on background examination, the actual location, distance, dimensions and nature of the objects could not have been determined.

    - Through the examination of shootings of multiple dates, it’s a strong possibility that 2-3 different objects were captured. However, it’s difficult to determine whether the objects are moving or not. Their movement is slow even if they do so.

    - The reflections of light on the objects are sometimes caused by moon which was in a convenient location at that time, and sometimes produced by some other sources of light.

    - The light reflection from the left side of the object which is seen on August 10th shootings is not produced by the moon. At that time, the moon was in a phase that was pretty close to the "new moon" phase and located approximately at a 10 degrees proximity/angle to the horizon. Moreover, the image processing analysis conducted on some part of the footage revealed that the center of the object has the same density as its background, namely is of a transparent nature.

    In conclusion, even though a detailed analysis of the footage is conducted, it might still remain unidentified. Hence, other reference objects need to be recorded in the same frame with the disputable object and further shootings need to be done by ourselves with special equipment in the same location and conditions.

    Accordingly, the term "UFO" (Unidentified Flying Object) which has been used for these sort of dubious objects can also be used for these objects. But, this definition does not mean that these objects are from extraterrestrial (flying saucer etc.) origin.

    Prof. phD. Zeki EKER
    National Observatory of TUBITAK

    The official documents and report can be found here:

    The late Roger Leir spoke about what he saw in person when standing next to the camera in Turkey at the time the 2009 video was taken. Here is one of his interviews when he describes what he saw:

    My personal site with research material:
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    in response to reports for identified flying objects sighted over marmara sea in 2007 and 2009 the presiding staff of tubitak was dispursed and replaced by fortune tellers

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