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    Hi guys worth watching Steve Greer defend his corner didn't realise that Dr Nolan was the guy he took the sample to in the first place. Seems like they got to him offered him a better deal. They hold all the strings.
    If aliens also have DNA as genetic material how can we spot it? It would just be another section of what we might think of as junk DNA, because we can only link genetic attributes to known physical or biological characteristics.

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    Sorry MA -3D didn't see you'd already posted it.
    The stuff about only 90% DNA matching is key. It was old dried out and the DNA not doubt was damaged.
    Was the other 10% so damaged that it was unrecognisable or was it undamaged but different to our own.
    Dr Nolan said in his latest that they had painstaking knitted together the 10% into known human sequences.
    Techniques are improving very fast in genetics who knows?

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