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Thread: Highlights of Disclosure Canada Event Montreal 4 April 2015

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    Highlights of Disclosure Canada Event Montreal 4 April 2015

    Some highlights from the Disclosure Canada Event, held on 4 April 2015 in Montreal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garuda View Post
    Some highlights from the Disclosure Canada Event, held on 4 April 2015 in Montreal.

    I didn't like one thing in particular that was said by the speaker (Victor Viggani) at the...10:20 min mark.
    I think there is an issue with how he sees information. I believe there is more than enough evidence spread around many circles.
    I think the real issue is that it does not circulate among most interested parties. (those affected by the phenomena, those interested in research into the phenomena)

    If those involved only ever see the information that is popularly distributed, then you never really get to see just how strongly evidenced the subject is. Alot of people in the UFO community seem to believe that the quality of the content behind closed doors is really poor. And we all get excited when we see some obscure reference to some UFO/ET/Collection of data....that turns out not to be publicly available.

    The next issue is a question of interpretation of that evidence. As there is no "story", there is no honest to god interpretation (yet). Which is what I think Disclosure is really about in it's "usefulness". The story behind the evidence. I think it is dangerous to leave the story to be constructed by the ET's in some near future time frame.

    It's important to consider that even when you open the back rooms in many circles and allow people to look over the evidence they have never seen before...there is a large issue of what the narrative has to be.

    You can't leave interested liars (the black ops folks, nor our white world government counterpart) to develop the narrative of what this all points to. I dunno how to solve that issue.

    All I can imagine is that researchers into the phenomena can pin down certain obvious narratives behind certain encounters while others may always remain a mystery without more information. And this may help to build several types of consensus as to what the evidence ought to point to.


    First things first, the people with the evidence shouldn't be locking it away behind closed doors and only ever trotting out the old beaten horse and it's cart of evidence that everyone has already seen and isn't nearly as compelling as what has been hidden away for a later date.

    I am not talking about the black/white government operations. I am talking about the people doing the public collection activities and visiting people in their homes over the decades.
    For every action, there is a corresponding over-reaction. -- Anonymous

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