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Thread: Reincarnation : Questions, Answers, Experiences

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    Thanks for the update on this! It sounds very exciting!
    And great that you continue to have those experiences because this has allowed you and those whom you are working with to evaluate them in more depth. If they were only popping in occasionally, then you and they would not have the opportunity to do that.
    It's interesting that shows like Fringe has used the 'parallel world' concept as a major theme in their episodes. In fact, that concept seems to be more and more pervasive in more than a few other sci-fi shows and movies; especially over the past several years. In my view, the ubiquitousness of this concept being used in those venue's gives us reason to pause and consider that it's more than just fiction. This in turn gives some validation to our own experiences in this area. I think that many script writers of sci-fi shows are tapped into a primordial bandwidth with meme's inserted into them by unknown sources from which they get their idea's from for their stories.

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    Hi all

    I've a practicing Buddhist for 5-6 years now. And out of all the major religions we've got the most complex understanding of reincarnation. The best description I've heard has come for my Nyingma guru.
    Apparently there is no guarantee that you will have a great next life because you were good this life. The winds of karma are far harsher than that. It's really important from the Buddhist viewpoint to remember that all creatures have at some point been are mother and that we will have in past lives done all acts good and bad.
    When you die it depends on not just what particular aspect of karma is ripening but also a certain amount of luck. Your mood when you die for instance is important best not to have negative or troubled people around you when you die. Also the weather may be bad and effect your mood. So if you raped someone this life it doesn't follow that you yourself will be raped next life as a consequence, but in some future life it will rear it's head.
    It is possible to break through the grips of karma but that means following a long and hard spiritual path. The more I study it the more I am convinced of its veracity. It is pretty much a view completely unlike the present western view of the world.
    Contrary to what a lot of scientist think the path develops in a logical path. One analogy is that there is only one mountain but very many routes to the top. Most religions agree that there is a mountain the modern rationalist doesnt. However we all inhabit the same world can you really believe it is as meaningless as they would have you believe.

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