Hello People,

I read the book 'Secret Journey to the Planet Serpo' last week. So glad I did. An amazing book and it was great to hear reports on the team living on Serpo for 13 years. Details like the weather, tech, food, ways of life, animals, etc, etc, were awesome.

I hope we are able to see some photos soon of that mission. I know (from reading the book) that we have one photo out of the two sons during a sunset or evening photo. It would sure be nice to see more with photos of the Ebens, some of their homes and buildings, their version of 'helicopters', etc. Lets hope that the Government starts letting go of the secrecy so we can learn more.

I have a great interest in UFO propulsion systems. Since I was a child, I was always thinking on UFO craft and how they can hover and maneuver like they do. I have been reading more and more lately on the newest releases of documents. Those are some very exotic propulsion systems. Materials we do not have, elements that we do not have, etc, etc. Looks so impossible until I read about the German Haunebu saucer program. If we knew the basics of how a propulsion system would work, and could use Earthly elements for it, we would be good to go.

The way I see it, if we gave a brand new, top of the line 2015 GM Corvette to an engineer back in the year 1700, he would never figure out what everything was. But if you gave him a Ford Model T, he could quickly have one running in several months. The technology surrounding a modern V8 engine is mesmerizing with all the carbon fiber covers, coils, injectors, etc, etc, etc. But basically, (simplistically) all you need are some pistons, crankshaft, valves, sparkplugs, and some fuel, (basically). We need the basics... We need a Haunebu to study.

If...... If all the Haunebu's were destroyed down in Antarctica, couldnt we un-earth some and see how the Germans made them? That is WWII tech and they were flying them at 2800 KPH. I think that is our missing link that we need.

Just thinking out loud...