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Thread: Tall Whites and the book series 'Millennial Hospitality'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nautillus View Post
    I haven't read the books yet, but have watched a few interviews of the author. He keeps mentioning the books all the time like he is too eager to sell them. There's one particular story I found hard to believe. Maybe, all of you who read the books can explain. Remember the female alien who nearly killed a CIA guy who was trying to help her climb the stairs?

    How did Hall found out about that? Was he there? (unlikely) Did someone told him the story?(also unlikely) He was a nobody at the time, working on a need to know basis. So what's the story there?
    Interesting questions and unfortunately I can't answer them but I can tell you that much of his story beggars belief.

    Charles said that he never dreamed of writing books. He was writing his memoirs for his Grandchildren over a several year period and when he became unemployed his wife insisted on contacting a publisher.

    Among the more incredulous includes his recounts of the Tall White's (female apparently)
    repeatedly picking the locks of the barracks area / "visitors center" to use the bathrooms at night! He even said his predecessor told him "White Ghosts" haunted the place.

    The Tall White children being entertained by watching him float weather balloons (while they floated about in glowing anti-gravity suits).

    Watching the Tall White's (escorted by a contingent of CIA and Tall White guards) walk into
    a Vegas casino while dressed as humans complete with make up.

    The Tall White females are wildly interested in the latest fashion catalogs and love pouring over them.

    The Tall White's and the Greys have an intense dislike and barely tolerate each other.

    There's much, much more that's quite hard to swallow.

    But I can tell you that if he's making this up, he should be in the movies as he acts as though he's telling the truth and even takes any impromptu question anyone cares to ask and there were plenty from an obviously skeptical group when I attended.

    I've been quite disturbed since attending his lecture. I've reminded myself that there's virtually no evidence of any kind to support his singular account and even David Hilton's "evidence" is anecdotal at best. I've recalled some of the more seemingly preposterous parts of his story in an effort to discount him and tried to admire his creative mind (his books were published as fiction), and yet, it's been difficult to do.

    There's a ring of truth about it. His sincerity seems unquestionable. If he's lying, it's obvious he believes it to be true and while it would be easy to think he's nuts, he seems not only very sane but also very intellectual and philosophical.

    And that is what's so disturbing.

    I comfort myself by hoping I'm wrong and that Hall is simply a brilliantly creative liar who has concocted a "Whale-of-a-tale" that I've foolishly fallen for.

    Unfortunately, I think it's more likely he's telling the truth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wansen View Post
    There's a ring of truth about it. His sincerity seems unquestionable. If he's lying, it's obvious he believes it to be true and while it would be easy to think he's nuts, he seems not only very sane but also very intellectual and philosophical.
    Could his memories be manufactured or implanted? If so he most certainly would believe them as if they were true. But then that raises the question of who gave him those memories and for what purpose. Perhaps the CIA gave them to him as disinformation?

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    Allow me to invoque Occam's razer; the simplest explanation is usually the right one. Sometimes one builds a narrative and manages to stick buy it no matter what. Am I saying all of it is fake? I just don't know, but it sure is somehow "too" appealing.

    Could a "low status" military guy be allowed to witness the kind of things he tells? Does it make sense in a world of extrem secrecy?

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    I meant to write "stick by it" in the post above. Sorry...

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    Charles explains that both his continued relationship with them and his ability to speak about it is founded in the aliens themselves. According to Charles the cooperative relationship with the aliens and the military was in part contingent on the military's cooperation with their demands. Charles was one of their pets, and one of their demands was a continued relationship with Charles while he was employed with the military as well as the latitude to reveal the encounters.

    I had the same initial doubt, especially since he released this as fiction first and later said it was true. Here is the way I dealt with it mentally. We can confirm he is who he says he is and worked where he said he worked. They have testimony from several witnesses who worked in the same position as Charles or knew him who can at least corroborate some of the events in the stories as well as attest to UFO interaction at the base though no witnesses had any interaction with the ETs but Charles. So something ET related was very likely going on at this base, and so if his story is false it seems like it's more of a matter of how he was so deceived into experiencing all this.

    When historians look at documents to determine the accuracy and truth value of the document they look for certain clues that can reveal the trust worthiness of the author. One such clue is if they reveal evidence that would either be counter to the authors purposes or beliefs. Hall is a catholic and a lot of the aliens information is in direct contrast to Christian belief. If he was motivated by money he might have had the aliens believe in something generic like "Christ consciousness". So there are little clues in his writings that might indicate he is not trying to deceive people.

    I tried to see if he is lying by watching the Q@A after his speeches. He doesn't posture himself physically or mentally to prepare for answers. If this were all a theoretical construct of his (a lie) he would have to load up the entire theoretical world into his mind to answer questions so he doesn't contradict himself. But Charles just waits for the question then he calmly accesses his memory and responds based on his memory. He never appears to "make up" new content on the spot or become stressed over any of the questions. He is just very casual to confrontation, but also seems deeply disturbed by what he experienced.

    So I am of the mind to think that at the very least he believes his story is true, and if it's not true something needs to account for the strange things happening at that base. If he is honest and his story is false I would be inclined to think the military was experimenting on him. But for me, given the two options, it seems to require less assumptions to believe him. That is how I came to view the whole thing, I don't consider it fact, but I consider it credible enough to begin working with when I think about things.
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    Why does he say he's a PhD Nuclear Physicist? A number of people out there in various forums have looked into that claim but could not find anything to back that up. If, in fact, he's does not have a PhD in nuclear physics, like he says he does, then what effect would that have on the veracity of his story about Tall Whites?

    Also, as far as I know, he has refused to take a polygraph test wrt to his Tall Whites story and his educational background. Sorry, but right off the bat, his refusal to take such a test like that sends up red flags all over the place about the veracity of his story.
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    For me it would depend on what kind of lie it was. I think there are various levels of lies that people are comfortable making. A "white lie" like "Does this make me look fat" "No" is one realm of lie people are willing to make. Others may stretch the truth, and make a job title seem greater than it is like Trashman = waste engineer. Another level is "the end justifies the means". I think once you find out which level a person operates on you can figure out what to do with the rest of his story.

    In the case of Charles one thing I read said that he is currently working as a nuclear physicist and database manager in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and that he did Ph.D. level postgraduate work at the University of Maine at Bangor. So if he did lie, it was close to the truth, he embellished the truth. So if that is the case we can trust him so far as to embellish the truth, but we can't yet say he would fabricate the truth. For that we would have to catch him fabricating the truth. I don't know if that is the right way to look at it, but that is the way I see it.

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    Sorry, there's a difference between PhD level postgraduate work and calling oneself a PhD. I was at one time working for my master's degree in Art Therapy but I would never say to someone that I have a Master's degree in Art Therapy because that would qualify as outright lying... in my book and most certainly in the job market. lol
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    And isn't that verifiable?

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    If he does not have a doctorate in nuclear physics, as he claims to have, then I really can't believe his story about the Tall Whites. It all comes down to this, if someone can lie about having a PhD in something when in fact they do not... then what else are they lying about?
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