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Thread: Seeing Ebe2 drive by in Sedona Arizona

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    Seeing Ebe2 drive by in Sedona Arizona

    It was into the evening in Sedona Arizona, heading out of town towards the I-17 interstate, still in the outskirts of town. A road construction area had us slowed down to perhaps 30 MPH and traffic was congested, very slow. The sun at that time of year was exactly behind me so on-coming drivers were squinting as they were dealing with the bright sun directly in front of them. I had just passed the Circle-K small store on the left when I noticed coming towards me two Chevy sedans, brand new, one metallic burgandy, one metallic blue. They both had black interiors. I wondered why as they were approaching. I then noted they sides were tinted so black, the light wasnt coming in, but the fronts were clear, and in the front seat of the front vehicle was a highly decorated USAF officer, perhaps colonel? driving. He was smiling, perhaps laughing, as they drove along, and next to him was a person that was rather short, also laughing, and with a look on his face like a kid at Disneyland, marveling at the surroundings. A short male man with a slightly larger head (wider) and very large eyes. I want to say he had yellow iris', and you could see the inside dark area, a black area of his inner eyes. He had looked at the Colonel, saying something to him, and then back to scanning the horizon and for a moment, as we passed by, he looked at me, and I at him as they passed. That one moment seemed to last a very long time. That was wild. I never noticed the second car. I was just perplexed and surprised that an alien had just driven past.

    All my years, I had been into the entire UFO thing, and one drives by in a darkened undercover USAF car. Wild... And I was right, no one ever believed me. Who will believe that a alien is out touring the countryside and drove past you. No one. And family members prescribe to you medications, lol... (as mine did).

    Reading a book recently on UFO's and disclosure, it talked about how with the USAF 'exchange program' that we had Ebens living here, and in the time period I had seen this fellow in Sedona, it would be 'Ebe2' (code name for that person living here on Earth at that time).

    In the book, it talks about how he once wanted to see the Ocean. In a memo released to the public, the agitated CIA official in Majic was worried because they didnt want to take him because of security issues but if they didnt, Ebe would 'disappear and go see it' without them, so they were working to get that done for him.

    Pretty cool that he got to drive around in traffic and see what we see. Must be amazing to see another world so up close.

    Reading (also) 'Secret Journey to Planet Serpo', the Ebens allowed our 11 men team (USAF) to wonder all over their planet. Mind you, they had other aliens that visited also, and the team would see one now and then, but we got to see nearly all of their home world for 13 years. That must have been amazing. I hope that I get to see the photographs they took there some day. Its said to be about 6,000 photos. Must be brilliant to see another world, another form of intelligent life, buildings, architectures, etc, etc...

    But, back on track, I saw Ebe2. I have a nickname for him now. No idea how his real name is said, but his code name was Ebe2.

    Afterthoughts, I am sure people might think that I saw a scam thing going on. Many people have said to me 'Dont you think they were playing around? Faking people out? They were laughing, for goodness sakes.' Nope. I looked at him in the eyes. We stared at each other as he drove past. He appeared to be an older man, eyes about 3 inches in diameter, maybe 4, very large opening in the iris'. He had facial expresions, smiling, talking. All of that couldnt be animated way back in the late 1980's (or early early 1990's). No way. I saw a person, not a fake makeup covered person. I saw into those eyes, I could see the backs because the sun had him lit up super bright.

    I had to share that.

    I knew there was a UFO base in Sedona 'somewhere'. Supposedly people hiking through 'secret canyon' would run into well armed soldiers wearing black uniforms. People would 'fall alseep' there, wake up with an armed man questioning them, and were sent back the other way. I also had seen a bright light, what I thought was a falling star, shoot down out of the sky over the city of Sedona (at night) and 'stop' about 2 or 3,000 feet up. When I say stop, I mean, 'blink!' stop. Me and a friend saw that happen. So I am sure there was a base there and maybe he stayed there a while. I dont know.

    I thank the Lord though that I got to see him, see one.
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    I have lived here in Sedona for about a year now and havn't seen nuttin yet. Nice place for hiking though. Havn't been out to Secret Canyon yet but will coming up when the temps go back down. Maybe you were seeing John McCain with his mask off, lol. He lives close by. Hiked out near his place.

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    I've been out there and my husband grew up in Arizona The entire area is very special.
    We have both had some very unique psychic experiences all over the state. The land seems to be inhabited by very special energies.
    I know many natives there that have seen and experienced some unexplanable things.

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    Secret Canyon was mentioned many times in tabloids back then, in the mid to late 1980's. I wonder if its even around these days. Could be shut down because it attracted attention.

    I remember once, doing some commercial photography at a resort hotel out in the cliffs in Sedona, I think North of town. It was a cloudy day. I remember feeling electricity in the air. It smelled like metal. I remember looking at these red cliffs and I could literally see what looked like a net in the air. Weirdest thing. It is a very different place.

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    I use to have a ET friend by the name of Eshna, He was a very friendly, lovable Antarien. When I first moved to Sedona in 1994 He choose to have a physical meeting. I got in to sedona late and I crashed in my mom apartment on Navajo. After I went to bed he showed up, spoke to me in musical tones, there was all of this golden bright light, he is so sweet. But anyways I said all of that to kind of relate to your subject. A few weeks later I was getting ready to return back to Ohio to move our stuff out here and right in the mid morning they came in there ship right on top of my moms apartment. It was crazy there was not a cloud in the sky just a beautiful day in Sedona, and there was like a storm right over just my moms apartment where I was. Thick clouds, swirling winds, the trees blowing around like crazy, my ears were popping, and ringing. I sat down and tuned in and they were telling me not to worry that I will be back in Sedona, and basically wishing me a good trip. Then the storm, clouds, wind suddenly gone.

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    Wild story... That would be wild to see. I had seen something similar in Vegas, at sunset, driving into town. All clear except right over Vegas. Even lightning going down between buildings. I figured, it was sin city, the devil was probably visiting.

    I have seen weird things in Sedona. I was a test driver and usually drove through there 1 or 2 times a week when on highway duty.

    We were shooting commercial photos of a vehicle once at a resort in Sedona, far out of town on the edge of the orange cliffs. Beautiful place. The grouping of places at this huge resort that we were at was near a cove in the cliffs, secluded. I remember seeing this net in the air. It was buzzing and moving in jitters, perfectly timed. (EDIT: Not really a 3d net, but lines in the air, pulsing). I thought I was seeing things. You could feel electricity in the air. I asked the guys if they could see it and if they could feel the electricity in the air, and they laughed. Had me a little amazed. I hadnt seen that before.

    Another time, about 9PM at night, me and another driver witnessed a super bright falling star right over Sedona. We were near Cottonwood, about 50 miles away? on a highway going towards I-17. The light, as fast as it was going suddenly stopped (over the city) and also went out. I saw it, and then my buddy radioed back to me; 'Hey, did you see that?' 'Yes I did'. 'Did it look like it stopped?' 'Yes... ' No more talk, lol...

    Years later, watching a documentary on Area 51, the same thing happened at night over Area 51. Bright falling star, appears to stop mid way before hitting. It could be a stargate (portal) that is being run in that area. Or perhaps just craft and they can do things that are unimagineable...

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