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Thread: Rosetta image: 80 meter alien skeleton

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    Rosetta image: 80 meter alien skeleton

    In this image (on the far left side, roughly 1/3 down from the top), there is a claim of a skeleton of an alien, ribs, spine and skull, covering roughly 80 meters in size. While I would think that this is not the body of an alien, it might well be the remains of some kind of technological device of some kind. There is no way that this is some kind of natural artifact.

    We need more images of this object and hopefully a full photogrametric analysis can be done to better describe this device. This image is from the original NASA/ESA sources and the issue of CGI would only arise if NASA/ESA is trying to present some kind of disclosure event and has invented this apparent device: I think not.
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    I cropped it and doubled it in size:

    Looks weird, indeed.

    This is a link to the hi-res original:
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    The shoulder area actually looks like tubing, like a frame. 90 deg joints. Definitely looks like an intelligent created structure, but I dont think it looks like an actual skeleton. Just my humble thoughts. I agree it does look like a device, a structure of some sort.

    If it is that big and was alive, that is one big fellow. :S

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