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Thread: Some Recent Sightings

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    Some Recent Sightings

    Hey all,

    These are some recent videos released by SecureTeam. Some interesting reports.

    This one descends from a cloud, drops something which goes stealth after about 50 meters, then supposedly rockets upwards at tremendous speed. However one of the two witnesses filming it has her camera shut off right in the middle of filming it. I have heard of this happening. Even the police now have this technology to turn off cameras/video/cellphones.

    This one appears to be a massive triangle craft hovering in the air, rock solid, perhaps over 300 yards/300 meters/900 feet in size, no sound, right over his home. 3 Photos taken, was there for a while, then vanished.

    Being an aviation enthusiast and traffic watcher, I found this one interesting. I have heard reports of airliners at high altitude 'glitching' as though they were holographic and having an issue. This though appears to be a couple of video footage captures.

    What if..... we have magnetic propulsion test craft out there putting in 'flight time'? I know from my studies of gravity propulsion that you can stealth a craft with a thick enough magnetic field, and also start-stop without damage inside the vehicle. So perhaps we have some new test planes using EMG engines? Who knows. Or it could be aliens moving around in broad daylight disguised as normal air traffic.

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    As mentioned before, SecureTeam are CGI artists.

    So the chances of any of this being genuine, are remote.
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    Lion ole buddy. I read the first line mentionin secure team. That was all it took. It is 99.9% fake then. They suck.. Sorry. There is a thread of known fake sites and such.. Check it out.

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