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Thread: Interesting shape of craft

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    Interesting shape of craft

    Hey all,

    I thought this was interesting. Especially the drawing of it sent in by the person that filmed it.

    This is by SecureTeam. I like their stuff. Some of you do not, so if you do not, just pass this by.

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    SecureTeam10 is a known CGI hoaxer.


    Mmm, yes, very curious, very interesting...

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    A hoax is a distraction from true UFO research.
    If these guys want to post SciFi Artwork, wish they'd do it in an appropriate thread. As it is, they waste researchers valuable time that could be better spent on true unknowns.
    I'd suggest avoiding them, as rewarding them with page views only encourages more hoax material.
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    Yes. This really doesn't belong in "Worldwide UFO reports". It's not a UFO, as there's nothing unidentified about it: it's CGI.
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    Isn't this a bunch of crap? They ruin it for UFO researchers. Can't believe any video's anymore, for real. Or not real, lol. SecureTeam needs to be takin down some how. There the leader of this crap.

    Aggravated earthman
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