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Thread: Bulgarian Fighter jets chase UFO in Nova Zagora

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    Bulgarian Fighter jets chase UFO in Nova Zagora

    This is the original source

    Story has hit the headlines big time in the uk today.

    Shocking pictures of 'UFO being tailed by two military aircraft emerge'
    PICTURES allegedly showing a UFO being tailed by two military planes have gone viral online after being posted on alien conspiracy websites.
    By Jon Austin

    According to the Portal 12 website a reader provided the pictures of a mysterious airborne operation.

    A translated version of its report says: "Fighter jets were chasing a UFO over Nova Zagora....
    from Express Article see link below

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    Looks like it has a small rudder on it. That or its a disc with a reflection on the left side from the sun.

    I have seen and heard about chrome craft that are like a fuselage with no wings, elaborate patterns in the fuselage on close inspection, lots of vent holes in the back. I wonder if this is one of those?

    The jets giving chase are Fairchilds.

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    Well, I started to watch the video until it showed it was "Secure Team" known CGI hoaxer's...

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    I think the photos are pre- the secure team video they just used them in one of thier 'news' updates.

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    From the portal12 site, Bulgarian translated by google translate
    'Военни самолети са преследвали неиндефициран летящ обект край Нова Загора вчера следобед. Читател на Портал12 предостави снимки с уникални кадри. Машините са летели на изключително ниска височина в землища над селата Стоил Войвода, Загорци, Събрано и Хан Аспарухово вчера следобед. Има множество свидетели. В рамките на около 5 минути, обектът рязко е променил своето местоположение, което е предизвикало зрелищни маневри от страна на двата военни самолета.'


    'Warplanes pursued unidentified flying object near Nova Zagora yesterday afternoon. Reader Portal12 provide images with unique footage . The machines were flying at very low altitude lands in the villages of Stoil Voyvoda , Zagorci collected and Han Asparuhovo yesterday afternoon. There are many witnesses. Within about five minutes , the object suddenly changed its location, which caused spectacular maneuvers by two military aircraft.'

    The photos were uploaded 15th Jan ans Secure team posted their youtube video on the 18th Jan.
    Searched for local press reports they just cite the stories in the press already. Are there any journalists out there?
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    This guy seems to confirm they were Fairchild A-10's and the Bulgarian air force has some in Plovdiv

    Translated from the Bulgarian
    The aircraft pictured is an American - "A-10 Thunderbolt". Seven such currently located in the airbase "Graf Ignatievo" near Plovdiv before the snow flew quite intensively over the whole Thracian field.

    Plovdiv is about 100km from Nova Zagora

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    Graf Ignatievo Air Base (ICAO: LBPG), is located in the village of Graf Ignatievo, about 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) north of Plovdiv, Bulgaria's second largest city. It is the sole remaining fighter base of that state and houses two squadrons of jet aircraft.

    It appears the Aircraft are likely to be American the Airbase Graf Ignatievo is being shared with US forces

    This is from the Bulgarian Air Bases website
    Again translated from the Bulgarian...

    Airbase Graf Ignatievo is hosting a joint pilot training "Thracian thunder 16" featuring the 74th Squadron of the composition of the US Air Force, based at Moody AFB, GA.
    Training is conducted under the Plan of joint Bulgarian-American training and exercises for 2016 is planned training flights take place in the period from 01.06.2016 until 03.25.2016, after the relocation of seven American plane "A-10-Thunderbolt "the visiting US squadron.
    From the Bulgarian side involved MiG-29 from the air base of Graf Ignatievo, Su-25 Base front deployment in Bezmer, helicopter AS-532 AL, Mi-24 and Mi-17 airbase Krumovo and formations of anti-aircraft missile troops.
    The main objectives are to achieve greater interoperability of the Bulgarian Air Force to participate in operations under the auspices of NATO, raising skill and tactical training of personnel and improvement of procedures and logistics support to visiting formations.
    During flight training tasks will be performed in the full range of preparations led by the military services of the Air Force.

    So it appears the are seven A-10's from Moody AFB in Graf Ignatievo (just 100km from Nova Zagora) training Bulgarian pilots between 6th Jan and 25th March 2016. They've only been there a week or so and they are chasing down UFOs?
    There are A-10's in the area
    This has a chilling ring of truth to it
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    I wonder if they have been having abduction issues... Does MUFON cover that region?

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    Might also suggest it's one of ours?

    Someone called Pete in the comments section of the Daily Mail article mentions
    "I am from Australia and worked on the f111and these alien aircraft, it seems odd they flew one right past a landing aircraft, we used to try and avoid that type of thing back then. Seems someone goofed. Australia has been flying these things for many decades. The UFO spotters highlight them regularly but everyone ignores them anyway. BTW it is only scramjet tech anyway."

    Who knows? Why are they chasing it then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    From the portal12 site....

    The photos were uploaded 15th Jan ans Secure team posted their youtube video on the 18th Jan.
    Searched for local press reports they just cite the stories in the press already. Are there any journalists out there?

    A word of caution, there are numerous warning about a site called Portal12 infecting computers on the internet.

    The only traceable origins for the photos is from the video made by SecureTeam10.

    According to the UFO Casebook, Portal 12 on YouTube, does not identify the people who submitted the photos (and made a comment that some viewers believe the images have been digitally manipulated). The event maybe true, but there isn't a way (without the original photos) to verify the photographic (metadata) authenticity since all I can find are screen shots saved from the video that was posted by SecureTeam10.

    All posted photos of the UFO/A-10 (even on the Bulgarian site) are post 17th of January... the date the SecureTeam10 video was release. I did not find a post from Portal 12 on YouTube. Happy hunting.


    Mmm, yes, very curious, very interesting...

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