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Thread: William Mills Tompkins Nordics TRW and Douglas Aircraft

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    We need some disclosure on the issue of disclosure, this is getting complicated!

    An intriguing panel combination nonetheless...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    Dr Robert Wood - Bill Tompkin's editor.
    He seems like a really decent guy they both worked at McDonnell Douglas at the same time.

    That's a remarkable interview with Dr. Robert Wood. He said that he's not ruling out that 'counter-intelligence' somehow convinced Jim McDonnell to try kill himself and he suspects it's because McDonnell knew too much eg UFO crash retrievals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    It appears that controversial Bill Tompkins died on the day of the Eclipse.
    May he rest in peace

    The letter was originally posted on Michael Salla's Exopolitics site


    Update: 8/21/17 – Email from Dr Robert Wood:

    Dear Friends and Colleagues,

    We saw Bill and Mary Friday afternoon because Mary came to Oceanside to get her hair done, and they decided to come visit with Lynda and me since they were halfway here. Bill brought some of his weekly calendars from 1968 onward and we had a nice chat. He seemed fine, and drove home after a nice visit.

    On Sunday I got an email from Bill’s son Dean saying that on Saturday he had a “brain bleed and is expected to pass away soon.” He was on his way to Southern California.

    Later Sunday I talked to Mary who said he had fallen twice, and didn’t respond the second time so they called an ambulance. He was taken to Scripps La Jolla where they concluded, according to Mary, it was a “blood tumor” in the brain and was inoperable.

    This morning I got a call from one of his nieces, saying he passed at 2 AM this morning, and that they would let me know when and where there will be a service.

    I’m sort of in shock because it was so sudden.

    Mary will continue to receive the proceeds from Bill book sales.

    I am planning to continue with Book 2 without Bill’s final proofreading.

    I will let everyone interested know as soon as I learn of the time and place for a memorial service.


    Bob Wood
    Thank You for sharing Longeyes, sad to hear of his passing . . .

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    I wonder what the second book will reveal. I also wonder if like Corso he had a drawer somewhere full of old papers his family might release, it's a pretty wild hope, his sketches in the last book we more doodles than detailed designs of 2km craft. Hope something comes out to back up his claims.

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    Good that Bob Wood will be writing the second book.

    I watched this three part interview of Woods and Tompkins last night. It's very informative and illuminating. It's also fascinating to watch Tompkins talk in it because he seems slide into a slightly altered state of mind while he's telling his story.
    In this interview, most of the information Tompkins was sharing was new not only to those who read his book or already were familiar with his story but the information was new to Woods too.

    Anyway, great interview and definitely worth a watch. Here's Part 1.

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    Yep I watched that Tompkins enters an altered state and talks about aliens helping him and his cousin dig holes in thier back garden?! Had he just lost the plot in his old age? Bob Wood is completely thrown. It is so outrageous and there is no logic to the way he rambles on just like the last book. Part 2 is very interesting however with Tompkins talking about 3 areas on the moon with buildings. It really helps when they put him on the spot and get him to clarify.
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    Now that's the interesting part of all of this. Wood and the interviewer would ask questions on Tompkins latest info download where, what-do-you-know, Tompkins, who is completely back to earth again will spit out the same info he just stated in an altered state with some minor clarification that still keeps the original info intact.
    Then Wood would look over at the interviewer with an expression on his face that clearly said, 'well, there you have it...' and then they would both laugh. Just goes to show that even though Tompkins was ancient in every sense of the word, he was no fool and that he could still recall on a short term basis with no problem at all when called upon to do that. lol
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    For it is in giving that we receive.
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    I'm gonna posted the last two parts of the interview here

    Discusses Moon landings and massive craft on the crater and three areas which were photographed in earlier reconnaissance missions

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    Found this Earthfiles interview which I'd missed -In it the late Bill Tomkins explains the Earth is a 'Lab' ie we are living an ET petri dish which makes sense as to one of the things that's always bothered me why haven't they tried to take us over?
    Well if they already have and its their planet, their moon there's no need and we are in a way protected.
    I'm sure it's more complicated than that, as consciousness/awareness is the real Creator and our close connection with it is what makes us so valuable, we are the true Gods if only we'd realise it, that's why we are so misled confused all the time.

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    Just throwing this out there...
    If we are part of a massive DNA lab experiment what are the chances that the different races have copyrighted their various pieces of lab work? What is the marker?
    Came to me in a dream last night - it could be hidden in our junk DNA, in fact it would have to be, it wouldn’t interfere with human functionality. I reckon pretty high. Might be worth cross referencing the DNA of abductees to look for patterns hidden in junk DNA?

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