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Thread: Podesta

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    Hopefully not but if I were you, I'd still watch my back nonetheless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wansen View Post
    Well said, I couldn't agree more; Eisenhower's farewell address warning went unheeded and we're hip-deep in it now.
    Good point.
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    For it is in giving that we receive.
    ~ St. Francis of Assisi

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    Quote Originally Posted by A99 View Post
    Reply to majibar's comment.

    Since when does a "memo" from the President garner such power to dictate an action without the approval of congress and/or SCOTUS? That's illegal isn't it? Can't it be reversed? At any rate, the term "need to know" is a joke in this case because in reality that condition is non-existent. Former Pres. Clinton even said on a talk show that if we are being visited, he "hopes" our visitor's are not like the ones that showed up in Independence Day. That's a pretty scary statement coming from a former president, is it not?
    One thing for sure, that group that's keeping that information to themselves about our visitor's essentially controls the world.
    It is a "Presidential Directive", it is an executive order that will cover his ass and directs how his executive staffs are to do what is said in any such memo. It is legal to the degree that it and order persuant to a law enacted by Congress, or a War Power granted by the Congress to the President. As the original grant to the "Majestic group" came while the WWII and Cold War issues were operative, it would have legal standing. It CAN be superceeded by any future President if they are aware of it, supposedly Eisenhower allowed them to leave all future Presidents "uninformed", which I believe is outside the powers and intent of the rules which allowed for the "Executive Powers acts" in the first place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by earthman View Post
    It would be hard to the government to come clean. Serious PR mess. How would the US citizen's take it if they confessed they knew this all this time. I think they can only just now say something might be true about the UFO phenomenon and say yes it is happening. Now lets make contact and be done with it. Only way. Maybe Clinton could be the one to do it. Still makes me wonder who is in charge of this. Who knows and for how long.
    That's what gets me who is in charge? In whose interest are they acting on? Humanity? The USA? Themselves?
    Seems like the President gets some but very little real information on it. That means the public, who 'they' were originally organised to help, have no idea they even exist, have no say or input on what they do on our behalf.
    I can't help thinking that if such a highly compartmentalised system gets compromised (ie infiltrated ) who would even know?
    If they are technologically 100+ yrs in advance they still are no defense against a ET race millions of years more advanced than us?
    I would have thought complete openness would be the best defense, it seems the very secrecy that they have strived to protect is what has compromised them.
    If ETs had wanted to take over our planet they would have done by now, if they already have, we can't tell, then inform us. If they already have this ultra top secret elite would be the dark ETs first target.
    I think the more paranoid military leaders at the end of WII, thought we must have the ability to protect our skies at any cost, no matter whether the visitors are good or bad.
    The price we paid are the unchecked abductions, who knows what else, and denying the truth to the vast majority of mankind.
    We can't progress as a species if we don't know all the facts, the average Joe has no idea what the nature of reality is or what is going on in the greater universe. Billions of wasted lives, massive amounts of suffering because of ignorance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A99 View Post
    Just goes to show that the US is really a covert military stratocracy where the Pres. of the US is merely a mid-ranking civilian civil servant who is way down on the "need to know" list on essential and important matters.
    Thats basically what it amounts to in the scheme of things and I agree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    The story has made a broadsheet in the UK
    Thanks for sharing - I will share on social media.

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    At the 2007 UFO Crash Retrieval Congress in Las Vegas, the dinner speaker was Daniel Sheehan, who says he has been told UFO information by Insiders.

    Mr. Sheehan said that he'd been told that individual Presidents are on a Need To Know basis regarding UFO information and whether or not Presidents got "The Briefing" in the absence of any current Need To Know depended on a few factors including whether the President could be trusted to keep such secrets and their known character. He gave many details and I would not want to misquote him but I do recall he thought President Bill Clinton was not thought to be able to keep a secret like that. I also recall that he said President Carter had demanded all the UFO information be turned over to him and something in his attitude was off-putting to the keepers of the secrets and somehow or other he never did get the briefing. I believe most of Mr. Sheehan's remarks on UFOs are online and a search would turn most of what he said that night without too much trouble.

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    Thx for that Doc...

    A quick query brought up this 2001 interview with Daniel Sheehan but I thought this is fairly similar to what Grant Cameron of the CIA was sounding off a few years back. I then looked to see who transcribed this interview and it was none other than Grant Cameron. Cameron was more than likely one of the insiders Sheehan had spoke about.

    We know for sure Cameron worked for the CIA but to my knowledge was never reprimanded by the Company for divulging highly classified information, which makes it kind of fishy IMO.

    In intelligence nothing is ever as it seems which makes me suspect a Disinformation campaign.

    This link will take you to the interview.

    Interview with Daniel Sheehan (July, 2001)

    'Strange Days...Indeed' with Errol Bruce-Knapp and Scott Robins, Transcribed by Grant Cameron

    original source | fair use notice

    Summary: Interview with Daniel Sheehan July 14, 2001 'Strange Days...Indeed' with Errol Bruce-Knapp and Scott Robins. Daniel Sheehan has degrees from Harvard in government, law and divinity. He established the Christic Institute in Washington D.C., and has been legal counsel on many high profile cases... Cases such as Karen Silkwood for example -- Iran-Contra, the American Sanctuary Movement, the Pentagon papers, Three Mile Island and Watergate. He has gained access to many restricted government files.
    We control matter because we control the mind. Reality is inside the skull.
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    Thanks all for those Sheehan links
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    For it is in giving that we receive.
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