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Thread: Has anyone heard of an ET race called Thetas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arsara Light View Post
    I like to work in oils, and my inspiration for this painting came from cave art about ETs. This particular image if I remember right came from Australia. I wanted to take cave art concerning ETs and put these images into a painted scenery. This one is titled First Contact.
    The name Arsara came about one day when I was asking my Higher Self what it's name was, or angelic name was? I now that up on the higher plains they choose names in which there is a vibrational match, and Arsara is what I got. I used the word Light because back in the early 90's I was told that I was the Rainbow Light Lady and that I needed to be working with the different frequencies of Light. There was also Angelic Beings that would come and sing to me and they would have a rainbow that would come out of them from somewhere like through a part in their hair. I find that I do have a proclivity I working with the different Light Rays, I also like to work with sound frequencies.
    OMG, you just passed me an ancient message out of the ions.

    The synchronicity is much too great to be an accident. I haven’t written about this yet but I will get to it in time. It is in conjunction with my contact with the aliens.

    The operative word here is ‘Sapience’.

    In time, somewhere out there a message was given to an intelligent life form, most likely a human being who had little understanding as to why he/she must use the creative mind to put it in an art form in a cave only to be found thousands of years later.

    In the 1990’s a female human being (Arsara) unconsciously retrieves this message and through her creative mind paints it in its most beautiful form and calls it ‘First Contact’ and uses it in her Avatar in a forum years later. A time traveler who happens to be a member of this forum who recently had made Contact with an intelligent life form sees your avatar and receives the message…and the Angels sing.

    You have just passed me a key to understanding the molecular configuration of the universes and how to change it almost in ways skin walkers use it to change their being and how aliens walk among us undetected. As I am writing this in real time there are little feet walking about in back of me which I detect and hear who seem very interested on what I am writing.

    You are special Arsara, not in language, but in your artwork which relay messages from the Angels. I am sure you have sensed this.

    One last word, as I was viewing your artwork which earthman gave a link to. As I was viewing your avatar painting, my computer froze on the picture. It locked up. I have all the bells and whistles in software to prevent this from happening. Just then my two little Chihuahua dogs, who have been acting strange the last couple of weeks, ran up the stairs into my office where I have my computer ( lol, they sound like a heard of wild horses galloping) and as I was viewing your art works in which my computer was frozen they started jumping up and down looking at the screen, they seemed exited and transfixed on the image.

    We control matter because we control the mind. Reality is inside the skull.
    ~ George Orwell ‘1984’

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    Attmjjc could be a Terma

    HI Arsara welcome

    Rainbow body is something you can attain in one lifetime. Through meditation it is possible to transform your body into light.
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    When I was posting this popped up
    (Click through all the pictures)
    'Jalüpa Khenpo Thubten Sherab ('ja' lus pa mkhan po thubs ldan shes rab, 1930-2015) attained the rainbow body ('ja'lus 'pho ba chung)...'

    It is the teachings of the Longchen Nyingtik that enable one to do this. I would advise anyone to study under a master who can teach you it.

    Atmjjc if you could pass this teaching on to different timestreams it would be on incalculable benefit.

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    Dear Atmjjc;

    Wow, that is quite the affect that the painting had on you. I like to think that I channel healing or other energies that need to come through into the paintings. Lord Medatron, and other masters have told me that who ever is meant to have the paintings will know, that they will have a connection. I was starting to have my doubts, but I never expected someone to have thee experience that you have had.
    I am interested in your time travel. I have an experience once where I accently time traveled, I fell right through a wormhole. I was living in a house that is infested with these Fairies at the time, and boy these Fairies loved doing things with me.

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    Arsara's art work is really nice. You have to see them in person to get the effect. We went to grade school together and she was my first girlfriend. First kill and all. I moved and lost her. You know how dad's are so I tried to contact her and it was blocked. Then later in the years I was told she married a doctor and moved away. It was not true. So I tried as the internet was coming on line and never could find her. Then in 2012 I found her on facebook after 37 years. I moved out to Denver shortly there after and we have been together ever since. Were in our 50's now and are still like little kids to each other. So happy.. But growing up right by her and never knew of all that was happening right down the street. She is really something. Glad you all have welcomed her here.

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    What a joy for you and her to have finally reunited. Thank you earthman for sharing it. I am happy for the both of you. May you both stay young at heart and continue to make each other happy and feel loved.


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