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Thread: Bright Green substances from a UFO crash

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    [FONT=Arial] I've been trying to figure out since I was young and I was very scared at night and I would have awful dreams of this "green mist" as I would call it, come for me at night. Im 39 now and this was all in my early childhood like under 8yrs old and under. I don't know if there is any relation here and I haven't gleaned much information about it. I don't want to hi-jack your posting but I cant but help to think that perhaps I might be getting a possible relation to my experiences as to what "might" of been happening or who might of been interjecting in my early childhood. I've long suspected since I started my awaking that something might of been going on but I can't be for sure. I'm not sure if its just my ego trying to feel like something did happen at that time but I know for a certain fact that something has happened in recent years. Anyways I used to get bloody noses late at night when I sleep , but my parents would just tell me it was due to the dryness but in my early childhood it was a problem. I still get bloody noses but not in the middle of the night like I used to. Oh and the green mist did glow too but like I said it was like a mist.
    Hi Edward
    I'm a Buddhist and your description of a green mist is very similar to what is described as happening in the Bardo states. The states we pass through on our passage from one life to the next.
    When you die we are told that five brilliantly bright lights appear to you , red, white, green, blue and yellow. These correspond to the five Buddha families, we are all made up of different ratios of these buddha essences. That is what is happening when someone achieves the Rainbow Body when they die they are transformed into this rainbow of light. If you open up to any of the very bright lights you end up in the Buddha realms which is essentially what Christians would call heaven. If you miss this opportunity you are offered other soft diffuse lights appear, one of them is green and it is associated with the animal realm. ie if you open up towards that you will be reborn as an animal. It is possible to have experiences of these outside of the Bardos and although very rare may have been what you are experiencing. I wouldn't worry about it you still seem to be able to type so assume that didn't happen

    Another case involving a green substance which denied forensic examination is the case of Zigmund Adamski

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    Hi Edward

    When you die we are told that five brilliantly bright lights appear to you , red, white, green, blue and yellow. These correspond to the five Buddha families, we are all made up of different ratios of these buddha essences.
    What do the other colors represent? Does each light represent a paradigm, or in other words the foundation and source of an abstract thing like mercy for example?

    So when you die you stand before these 5 colors and if you "open up" to any one of them you reach the Buddha state. If you could pick the most accurate word to describe what happens when you stand before those colors what would it be? Is it something like identifying, being in similitude but not equal in nature, and embracing the nature that the light represents to fulfill your own nature in accord with the lights nature. In such a process parts of you may die (be left behind) but rather than having reluctance over this, you are just as desirous that those parts die as you are that the parts in accord with the light live and reach fulfillment through that light. Is it anything like that?

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    Well Sansonoy how long have you got...

    They are aspects of the nature of reality and also aspects of yourself. It takes a while to get your head around but experiences like the above can happen in meditation and although when you read about them to start with it may seem fanciful, very experienced mediators may experience them. The reason being we are not exactly here anyway, your body is a projection and you never loose your contact with the ultimate nature of reality, you just have a very strong connection with your body lasting a lifetime. When you die you no longer have a body to ground you and your experiences it can be disorientating and overwhelming. Practicing meditation helps you come to terms with the every changing nature of reality. We believe the only thing that really gets in the way is ego. You have natural buddha-nature - you just need to realise it. When you start claiming actions for yourself, you just create problems for yourself further down the line. A massive amount of what you do is vindicating and building up your ego and trying to protect it. When you really look at it - you see it doesn't exist and you don't actually need it at all. You don't cease to exist without an ego - that's just what it wants you to believe.
    It isn't something your going to fix in an afternoon that's why we have a whole lifetime to do it.
    To answer your question you are being offered opportunities all the time, the true nature of things is in front of you all the time. But it's very hard to look at and we prefer to turn away. Exactly the same process happens when you die only much more intense as you don't have the illusion of a body to protect you. The lights are actually aspects of your own nature opening up to you, blindingly bright and beautiful. If you can realise that and not shy away you will go to a pure realm to learn to be a Buddha. Even that may not be the end as you may re-emanate as a living being or beings one to help other sentient beings.

    I can point you in the right direction, there are books and books on it. This is a translation of the classic Buddhist text on transitioning through the Bardo.

    For more on the five buddha families read 'Orderly Chaos' by Chogyam Trungpa

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    Thanks Longeyes for the description and link. I appreciate it as this is very similar to something I have been thinking about for a few years.

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