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Thread: Ham radio operator overhears American Airlines pilot

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    Ham radio operator overhears American Airlines pilot

    Good research done on this case.
    Radar returns and FOIA request with actual recording with pilot unfortunely largely redacted
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    The sighting occurred over Nephi, UT. Out of curiosity, I checked wiki on that name:

    Etymology of Nephi[edit]

    The origin of the name Nephi is uncertain, and disputed. As non-Mormon scholars view the Book of Mormon as a work of fiction, and do not recognize Nephi as a historical figure, the predominant scholarly view is that the name was selected or coined by Joseph Smith. Based on a non-Mormon or secular perspective, hypotheses for the name's origin include:

    • its appearance as a geographic name in 2 Maccabees of the Apocrypha ("And Neemias called this thing Naphthar, which is as much as to say, a cleansing: but many men call it Nephi.")[46]
    • the shortening of two personal names Nephish and Nephishesim in the Authorized King James Version,[46]
    • a reference to the nephilim ( נְפִילִים ), who are the mythical half-immortal "giants" described in Genesis;[46] The name means "fallen ones."[47][48][49]
    • a reference to the work Nephiomaoth, which "was one of the magic names of God in early Christian Gnosticism"[46]
    • or the term Nephes, which is a Kabbalistic term for a ghost that wanders around sepulchers.[46]

    Religious Mormon scholars generally believe that the Book of Mormon is historical, and therefore have proposed etymologies consistent with that view. For example, Mormonscholar John Gee theorizes that Nephi is a Hebrew form of the Egyptian name Nfr. In Phoenician and Aramaic inscriptions of Egyptian names containing nfr, the nfr element is rendered npy, and the closely related Hebrew language would presumably transcribe the name the same way.[50] Hugh Nibley has suggested that the name Nephi is related to the Egyptian Nehri. Some Mormon scholars have proposed that the name Nephi is related to the Hebrew word nephesh (נֶפֶש), which literally means the "complete life of a being" though it is usually used in the sense of "living being" (breathing creature). Psyche is the equivalent New Testament Greek word from which the English word soul is only translated. In the Greek Septuagint nephesh is mostly translated as psyche (ψυχή). Other Mormon scholars propose that the term is a variant of the Arabic and Hebrew words for prophet: Nabi.,_son_of_Lehi


    2 Maccabees where the word "Nephi" is found:

    And when the sacrifice was consumed, Nehemias commanded the water that was left to be poured out upon the great stones.
    Which being done, there -was kindled a dame from them: but it was consumed by the light that shined from the altar.
    And when this matter became public, it was told to the king of Persia, that in the place where the priests that were led away, had hid the fire, there appeared water, with which Nehemias and they that were with him had purified the sacrifices.
    And the king considering, and diligently examining the matter, made a temple for it, that he might prove what had happened.
    And when he had proved it, he gave the priests many goods, and divers presents, and he took end distributed them to them with his own hand.
    And Nehemias called this place Nephthar, which is interpreted purification. But many call it Nephi.
    that the place was unknown to all men.

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