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Thread: Sekret Machines - Tom Delong - Dawn of Disclosure

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    Hi Sansanoy it's not just 'oneness' more like it's a shared connection between individuals. One description frequently used is like rays of the sun distinct and yet the same. Or islands in an ocean seemingly unconnected on the surface but under the ocean joined to one another. We are all made of the same stuff.

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    Rays of the sun, I like that a lot. Reminds me of Genesis 1. Let is make man in our image. A ray of light is like an image of the sun. When we separate ourselves from that image we separate ourselves also from the other rays of light. Coincidentally in the metaphor that is also to become darkness.

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    You know, too often we seem to forget that there are very few things out there in the world where the 'all or nothing' mentality does not prevail.

    And unfortunately, too often, people in Ufology, operate like this too where they tend to cherry pick what resonates with them and what they hope and wish for... and then throw out the rest hence limiting themselves to a very narrow viewpoint that's a far cry from anything that's not only comprehensive but compendious and in-depth too... like it should be when trying to formulate UFO/ET theories that are closer to the truth and how things really are.

    Cameron (and TDL) is one of those brave ones who dares to think-outside-of-the-box. And even though I'm still processing some of the things he's saying, at least he's giving us much food for thought based on his own exhaustive research in this field on many different levels.
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    Sausanoy this is a great explanation of the kalachakra initiation

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    Thanks. Wow, that Mandala is incredible.

    It looks like it's been going on for 2000? years. I wonder if there was something different about the new ones that triggered these sightings.

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    TDL Quote on his Facebook page trying to address some of the frustration of readers ( posted under caption of the new book)

    I do know the frustration, I feel it too. "I just want the facts..." we all say. Please understand that I have been through a rollercoaster of a ride, and there is a strategy here. To understand what the facts are, I must lay a foundation of religious and occult "interaction" with man, that soon led to Man's discovery of the deceit. Thus the next NONFICTION book "Man". Then the third Book "War", describing what are we to do? --- Ancient Gods interested in resource extraction and empire building? Creating religious experience to keep us suppressed, confused, and divided... really, now? What a way to destroy ancient civilizations should they (we) ever rise strong enough to compete-- A dark thesis indeed. Please, don't lose patience in the project. Big announcements coming. #ToTheStars

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    TDL on his Facebook page about WP article

    New Washington Post article... the choice of words is wrong: not "study Aliens" but maybe mention other words, like... "disclosure" ... "education" etc. Pay attention to the announcement that is still coming, but sit tight- it will take a few more weeks.

    We wait and we wait...

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    I was just reading a few reviews of tdl's 'Gods' and one reminded me of the most annoying thing about the book. TDL promised to give us a whole slew of facts in the non fiction series and in this first instalment there are FA. We know he's into his merchandising and endless self promotion so this does nothing to further his case.
    If he has the contacts he needs to give us some juice at the rate he's spilling the beans, Jack will have wandered off and there will never be a beanstalk leading us to the promised land

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