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Thread: Whats this . . .

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    Whats this . . .

    I've heard of reports with similar looking aliens . . .

    Hoax . . ???

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    I don't know if it is a hoax. But it follows a very realistic portrayal of what you'd expect in a real event.

    Noticed the music gets garbled as the man walks upon it, then returns to normal after the supposed ET "disappears".

    (Edit: Upon thinking about it for a moment, perhaps the camera did display a malfunction since I don't know if the camera AND radio are both malfunctioning or if only the recorder is malfunctioning due to the proximity. Something worth noting)

    Also man walks off slightly disorientated like you'd expect in a real encounter after psychic contact. Seemingly out of it.
    What doesn't convince me much is the fact that the camera doesn't malfunction or show any signs of electrical disturbances yet the radio does. Something worth weighing in the balance.

    If it is a hoax, then they did their research and presented a very good recreation. If it is real, then it is a very interesting find.
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    Looking at the video, I do note the being seems a bit too "light-weight" in it's movements, all the ones I've seen also breathe; noticeably, the shoulders usually lift slightly. You may also note the movement of the arms is fixed-pivot, which is another effect of using an artificial skeleton in a 3D program. Normally there is also a small degree of movement introduced from the shoulder, so unless this one is actually completely mechanical instead of being a bio-mechanical construct, I simply don't think it matches the parameters for a physically manifested life-form.

    That's just my take, anyone have more footage of the same event? [with that many people, and jets buzzing all over the place, I'd expect at least two more angles.]

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    This one's a hoax, of course.

    As for malfunctioning camera's and what-have-you wrt to unworldly things in ones immediate environment be it seen/heard/or suspected... yes, that does happen to some people but not everyone... at least not all the time and it certainly is NOT the rule. But then if a cam malfunctions all the time when one attempts to record "it" or "them", then it's understandable that one may feel that the same thing happens to everybody else too. This also follows for anyone that has been told by "them", that they can't be recorded or will not allow it because for every case that's like that, there are other cases where permission to record is granted in one way or another.
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    I've heard plenty of reports of this kind of alien too.

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    No disrespect intended in the posting of that vid in my last post. But sometimes even bad parodies can leave an indelible impression in the viewers mind in one way or another so that if they ever happen to stumble upon those real-life encounter stories with the same kind of being, they may just be curious enough to read them over to find out who and what they really are as opposed to how they were depicted in the parody.
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    Well, I don't know if that is hoaxed or not . . . but I will share what was said by the person who I acquired it from.

    Funny thing about this video is...I had a being appear in my camper that looked very much like this one...I was being lifted out but I broke free from the beam reaching for my gun. They contacted me later explaining what that was about. I apologized. Does this encounter read like an interesting story? It
    I'll bet there are many events that simply go unreported for a lot of reasons, this one sounds as if the experiencer had contact with more that one group of aliens. That's in MHO.

    I also noticed at about 047sec something appeared to fly-by in the background.
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    That's interesting and I agree, he really doesn't sound like a hoaxer does he. I'll check the vid out again later tonight.
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    Note, that he says looked like this one . . . so it could be a hoax, but I don't just don't know.

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    Epo, would it inconvenience you too much if I asked you to post your own UFO/ET experiences or background somewhere in this forum? It would be such an honor for me to read that over.
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