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Thread: Personal Ponderings

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    There's a nuclear power plant right up the road from that hi rise. I could see it from my balcony. I've always thought it was more than a coincidence that that area was a UFO hot spot. At any rate, during the time that I lived there (7 yrs) I had told a few people eg neighbors, a maintenance man, a leasing agent about my sightings off of the lake off my balcony but I doubt they really believed me. Also recorded a video of one of those sightings and posted it at ATS but most there debunked it. But when that UFO wave occurred there a few years later... I felt vindicated.
    I'll bet they believed you after the fact although it must have been a bit frustrating at the time.

    I'm half surprised that the 'Men in Black' didn't come to cart you off for starting a UFO flap!

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    Oh, I could go on and on about the weird stuff that happened during the time I lived there but for now let me just say that whenever anyone says that they experienced a lot of woo woo stuff after a UFO sighting, I'm more apt to believe them....
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