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Thread: The Hopkinsville Encounter

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    Originally Posted by Fore I think the reason why "The Phenomena" of the extra-terrestrials and/or ultra-terrestrials are never fully understood is mostly because we are looking for interpretations of reality that suits us.

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    That right there say a lot.
    So who's to say that that beautiful Pleiadian/Nordic blond girl that so many of our ET contactee's encounter isn't really just Lucifer in the flesh? That would be a conjecture made if that contactee and others were to analyze those encounters using the Demonological paradigm.

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    For it is in giving that we receive.
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    Montalk posted the following in another thread back a few years ago and I'm posting that info here just to have it handy as it's relevant to the current dialogue wrt the Demonological Paradigm in ET/Alien topology.

    Quasi-Alien Mind Manglers

    Every once in a while I'll come across an alien contactee case that has more in common with the phenomenon of demonic, astral parasite, or discarnate entity harassment than aliens.

    What distinguishes these cases it the following:
    1) The phenomenon has little or no objective physical aspect.

    • No third party witnesses, as it's all in the head of the target.
    • No physical impact on the surrounding environment indicating alien presence like footprints, electrical systems being shut down, ground traces by landed ships, humming and vibration.
    • No signs of alien abduction like scars, cuts, scratches, scoop marks, under the skin bumps suggesting implants, missing time, clocks suddenly off, local reported sightings of ships or lights.

    2) What little real aspect exists, is the kind that typifies of ghost / demon / astral entity phenomena. Like seeing shadow beings, crude poltergeist activity, hauntings.

    3) The person targeted seems to have his visual system hijacked.

    • What is seen is then what is shown to the person by these entities. It seems to be internally induced and overlaid upon the person's field of vision, like a hallucination. Hence why what is seen does not affect the physical environment, and why no one else can see the same. This can be used to put the target through all kinds of fantastic experiences, without him ever leaving home.
    • Hijacking visual systems is within the capabilities of skilled nonphysical beings, especially if they find a weak target.

    4) The person is lured into a delusional backstory in which he plays an important role, and through which he can be made to carry out convoluted missions at the command of these entities. The purpose of these missions seems to have no long term strategic payoff as far as the alien agenda is concerned. They seem more for the purposes of opportunistic torture, sadism, sport, entertainment, or simply breaking down the will of the target.

    5) The person would eventually be classified as a paranoid schizophrenic, even though unlike true schizophrenia the phenomenon stops completely if the entities are banished or simply move onto another target. Also, unlike medical schizophrenia, these cases show paranormal activity like the shadow beings.

    6) In many, but not all cases, the entities loosely mimic aspects of aliens -- the way they look, their ships, even their names -- but like a mock-up instead of the real thing, you can't find any internal logic, consistency, or substance to these aspects. Also, the entities can assume any other number of disguises, such as a secret network of psychic human mobsters, or whatever, without any alien element.

    7) In some cases, the person is promised and trained to become a mouthpiece for aliens. The only problem is, their story is so full of holes and delusional that I can't see it doing the alien agenda any good. Therefore I think that's more part of the ego hook for the sake of controlling the person, than part of an alien grooming process to churn out a disinfo agent.

    So either:
    A) these are aliens doing it in their free time for fun

    B) it's nonphysical beings like ghosts or demons who use aspects of the alien phenomenon as a prop to build the particular fantasy that they use to control their targets.

    C) it's aliens simply churning out "noise" to drown out the real alien signal. You know, build a totally confabulated case that has a few elements in common with a legit one, then use it to discredit the latter. I'm open to that possibility, but the demonic/ghost aspect still needs to be explained.
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    For it is in giving that we receive.
    ~ St. Francis of Assisi

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