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Thread: The Link: Aspergers/Autism & The Alien Hybrid Program

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    The Link: Aspergers/Autism & The Alien Hybrid Program

    I've always found it fascinating that many Aspey's are really into Science Fiction in addition to creating their own syfy alien encounter stories. But that's another area for exploration because right now I want to talk about how the number of children born in the US with Autism has increased a whopping 120% over the last eight years in the U.S. and if there's a link between that statistic and the Alien Hybrid Program.

    Today I found an interesting piece on that link:

    According to a statement made by an abductee under hypnosis who Professor David Jacobs worked with, which is in his book, The Threat, the aliens who are abducting humans made themselves sterile by modifying their genes and themselves so much that they could not reproduce. The abductee felt that the aliens exceeded their scientific competence and sterilized themselves. The aliens may be trying to maintain their culture by mixing their genes with ours. Hence a new race of alien-human hybrids.

    Like the failed manipulation of their own genes, the alien creation process is flawed, which may bring about defects in the human genome manifesting as autism and asperger’s disease. The creation process is actually beyond the alien’s scientific capacity, so they constantly change their modifications to human DNA, hence the ever enlarging spectrum of autistic disorders. Making hybrids is an alien trial and error process. Abductees report seeing deformed and sick hybrids on alien spacecraft. See drawings of sick hybrid babies on (Note: I myself had a recurring lucid dream where I was told to pick up and hold a grey hybrid baby that I was told was my own and that it was sick. I had that recurring lucid dream long before I ever knew about the alien hybrid program or for that matter, that humans were being abducted by aliens.)

    I'm in the process of researching this topic and will post more later...
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    On Dr. Michael Salla's Exopolitics website, there's a research article entitled:

    The Abduction Phenomenon and its implications for Disclosure: A British perspective
    by Phillipa Foster

    And under the subtitle"The following are some of the problems reported by British Abductees", one of the psychological and conditions listed for that demographic is... "Above average instance of Autism and Asperger Syndrome in young British abductees."

    Here's that list in its entirety:

    Psychological effects and conditions:
    • Anxiety about when the next Contact is going to take place. This can be fear of the abduction, or in some cases - fear of abandonment if they are not Contacted.
    • Inability to concentrate due to anticipation of next event.
    • Depression and anxiety, which can impact upon family life, career and finances.
    • Fear of being monitored by ETs and Military. This is understandable given the wealth of evidence to support this.23
    • Increased appetite for study, with an emphasis on understanding more about Consciousness, Astrophysics and Quantum Mechanics.
    • Occasionally telepathic commands are given. These may become more insistent if not acted upon.
    • Psychological manipulation, which can lead to a form of Stockholm Syndrome.24 The abductee reports terrible physical and psychological abuses, yet feels bonded to them and gets frustrated if they cease contact. This could be because the abductors use strongly induced emotional states to illicit a given response, which may create a form of conditioning over time.
    • Feelings of leading a double life - their everyday life versus their hidden experiences of ET visitations. The exotic nature of the ET experiences have to be suppressed, while their everyday duties may feel increasingly mundane. This can cause frustration as they yearn to share their experiences with others but learn not to from hostile reactions to the subject.This leads to an internal struggle which cannot be healthy long-term. Therefore, they benefit greatly from sharing their stories with other experiencers.
    • Above average instance of Autism and Asperger Syndrome in young British abductees.
    • There is also a recognisable pattern of coersion, if the abductee becomes uncooperative on learning of their abductions:-
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    Fairytales tell of autistic children

    Their findings, published in the current issue of the journal
    Archives of Disease in Childhood, suggest autism existed long before it was formally recognised in 1943.

    Dr Julie Leask, from the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance of Vaccine Preventable Diseases in Sydney, and colleagues looked at tales from the UK, Germany and Scandinavia.

    Leask was prompted to do the study after hearing a mother tell a current affair's program on autism it was as if "the girl I gave birth to has been stolen".

    Leask says several stories describe children believed to have been stolen by fairies who then left behind a strange, sickly, "changeling" child.

    "The description of changelings is very similar to those given to autistic children," she says.

    "Changelings were described as unresponsive, resistant to affection, did not express emotion, cried a lot or did not speak."

    Today autism is a considered a neurological disorder and includes an inability to form normal social relationships, stereotyped and repetitive behaviours, as well as disordered verbal and non-verbal communication.

    Leask says the stories contain instructions on preventing a child being stolen, how to check if a child really was a changeling and how to control their behaviour.

    "It is believed stories are non-scientific communities' way of explaining and cope with disabled children," she says, "a sort of guide to parenting."

    She says the cause of autism was still not known and over the years society had tried to explain the disorder in different ways.

    "Now [we] have some evidence that autism is not simply a result of modern society's environment or technologies," Leask says. "However whether they contribute to a predisposition in individuals we still don't know."
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    That is really interesting. I never noticed till now but many of the hybrid behavior that has been reported is strikingly similar to autistic behavior.

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