I had not read any news on the Baltic anomaly, so I emailed Linda Moulton Howe as I knew she'd interviewed the crew several times and was quite interested in following up on the progress of the investigation. This is what she sent me back via email.

It's as though it just fell off the radar. I suppose we could try to contact them, but Linda is trying to reach them too. Thoughts?

I would like to know what has happened, too! I have tried to stay in touch with the Ocean X-Team that originally found the Baltic Sea "round thing" after having done three in-depth interviews with them,
but in the past year, they haven't been replying. So I don't know what the current status is. The last significant news over a year ago was that the Swedish Navy was interested in doing an investigation of the round object. So I thought that would be a possible breakthrough. But no updates.

I'll try emailing Ocean X-Team again after sending this email to see if I can learn more,