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    Taj Investigates YouTube Channel

    I have started a new Youtube channel to investigate Targeted Individuals.

    I am heavily involved in The Bases Project with Miles Johnson and I am contacted every week with people who have been targeted by the government, the military and even their own family and friends. This is a phenomenon which isn't talked about much as these people are usually told that they are crazy and are imagining it and then they are locked up. But this problem is real, my first interview if with someone who has physical implants in his body with X-Rays and MRI scans to prove it.

    I'd like to know your opinions or experience on this subject as I will be interviewing more people on this, and I want to help these people to find answers to how they can deal with being targeted and find answers so they can move on with their lives.



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    Hi Taj. Nice to see you posting.
    So these people are allegedly being targeted for claims of abduction? Or UFO disclosure related activities? Any claims of MIB involvement?
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