Most members of this forum will be familiar with J Allen Hynek’s name from the assistance he provided as an astronomer to the US Air Force’s UFO investigations or from the highly respected UFO books he later wrote. Many of you will also be aware that he founded the “Center for UFO Studies” (“CUFOS”), which states that its purpose “is to promote serious scientific interest in UFOs and their study, and to serve as an archive for reports, documents, and publications about the UFO phenomenon”.

The CUFOS website now has searchable PDF version of two sets of CUFOS newsletters:

(1) CIQ (“Center Investigators Quarterly”) – Complete set of 24 issues (1977 to 1988):

(2) CUFOS Associate Newsletter (“CAN”) - Complete set of 30 issues in 6 volumes (1980 to 1985)
24 of the 30 of the issues of CAN were scanned by Mikhail Gershtein in Russia. I passed those issues on to CUFOS last week and the final 6 issues were scanned by the industrious Mary Castner at CUFOS.

The CUFOS website has also recently been updated with a variety of scans of books and casefiles: