Gloria Heather Dixon is the Head of the National Investigations Committee of BUFORA. (BUFORA, or “The British UFO Research Association”, is a long-standing UFO group which describes itself as “a non-cultist and scientifically evaluative organisation since its formation in 1962”).

Heather Dixon has kindly given me permission to make her “Strange Daze” and “Strange Times” magazines freely available online.

“Strange Daze” started life in 1993/1994 as a small black-and-white publication under the name “Strange Days” edited by Dave Newton. (The second issue of “Strange Days” refers to it having a readership of 30 people). After the first few issues, the name changed to “Strange Daze” and Heather Dixon became its editor.

Over a few years, “Strange Daze” gradually became more elaborate.

21 issues of “Strange Daze” were published. It was eventually succeeded by Gloria Heather Dixon’s “Strange Times”, which ceased publication in about 2002.

An unusually heavy percentage of the content of “Strange Daze” and “Strange Times” related to theories regarding UFOs other than the ETH (i.e. the Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis regarding alien visitation). Relevant theories included man-man flying saucers (including, but not limited to, Nazi UFOs), disinformation, hoaxing, various psychosocial hypotheses, Earthlights and electron-magnetic pollution.

An idea of the content of these publications is probably best given by noting that contributors to “Strange Daze” and “Strange Times” included Gloria Dixon herself, Dave Newton, Jenny Randles, Philip Mantle, Chris Rutkowski, Malcolm Robinson, Kevin McClure, Albert Budden, Bill Rose, Andy Roberts, John Spencer, Paul Devereux and Dr Dave Clarke.

Once again our Swedish friends at the “Archives For the Unexplained” ("AFU") in Sweden did the boring job of scanning this relevant material. The AFU has very helpfully (and very promptly) scanned Issues 2 to 21 of “Strange Daze” and all the issues of “Strange Times”. (Various people – including Jenny Randles and Dave Newton – have kindly been digging around in garages and lofts seeking a copy of the elusive Issue 1 of “Strange Days”. If it turns up, I’ll upload a copy of it).

The combined collection of scans of “Strange Daze”, “Strange Days” and “Strange Times” can be downloaded from THIS TEMPORARY LINK for the next week:

After the next week, or if you only want one issue, you can obtain:
(a) issues of “Strange Daze” from the AFU’s website:

(b) issues of “Strange Times” from the AFU’s website at this link: