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Thread: UNACKNOWLEDGED: AN EXPOSE - Dr Greer's next project

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    Hi guys

    Unacknowledged is NOW AVAILABLE on
    iTunes and Vimeo...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    Hi guys

    Unacknowledged is NOW AVAILABLE on
    iTunes and Vimeo...
    Have you watched it?
    An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it.
    - Jef Mallett

    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.
    - Charles Darwin

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    Not yet hope to soon

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    Thanks again Longeyes!

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    Unacknowled is actually fairly good.

    It's a bit quirky at times with some out-of-the-can visuals and lot's of reruns from
    TDP, interspersed with Greer's personal story and perspectives.

    Overall, it makes a pretty good case IMO.

    Richard Doty has some small parts in the movie but has a separate hour and a
    half interview in the supplemental extras. (On tonight's watch list.)

    Greer presents some interesting documents that enhance his interpretations.

    $20.00 on iTunes.
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    Watched the Doty interview.

    Even though he declined to answer several questions, what he did say was very interesting indeed.

    He claims he was officially briefed on Roswell and that it was actually two identical egg-shaped ET craft that collided with each other. He further states that one was found a week or two later with one living "EBEN", but that the second ET craft had crashed in a very remote location and was found TWO YEARS later with badly decomposed ET remains.

    He talks about the energy sources on the crafts and describes them as rectangular, clear plastic looking and capable of capturing "zero point" energy - part of Greer's mantra.

    IIRC, I read something about Doty being disillusioned with the USAF over a pension/retirement/benefits issue and perhaps that's why he's talking?

    However, given his history of disseminating disinformation, it's difficult to give significant credence to anything he says.
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    Spoiler Alert!!

    FWIW, more from Doty...

    He confirmed existence of both ET and ARV craft at A51/Papoose lake/Dreamland, et al. personally saw various craft some showing signs of obvious crash damage.

    Reagan demanded to be briefed on all UFO data, literally on day one of his tenure. Doty claims it superseded the Iranian hostage briefing.

    Was taught and shown pictures of four types of ET's in AFOSI/CIC/IQ training: Ebens (small greys), constructed Ebens (larger Greys).

    Very tall, very thin human looking from a distance but not so much close up with cats eyes.

    Another with two hands on each arm with multiple jointed legs human size with a bubble abdomen and a hump on its back.

    He was contacted by a man who was a highly skilled photographer who presented "clear as day" pictures of Eben craft landing in his backyard, ET's exiting craft and walking around. Even has pictures from inside ET craft clearly showing control panels and viewing screens...furthermore presents AFOSI guys with gifts given to him by ET including space chart showing star system origin.

    Gives detailed information on Eben/Grey/Roswell autopsy. 11 lobed brain, extremely complex optical capabilities with multiple optical connections throughout the brain. Even describes ET's p enis as some retractable whatever....

    Recounts multiple ("almost virtually everything") incursions on nuke/sac bases. Some included ET on base and at times getting into silos/storage areas and even dismantling missiles. Claims they got 'fingerprints' from one of the "two hands on each arm" ET's on dismantled parts.

    Lots on Paul Benewitz (sp?). P.B. got pictures of real ET craft as they hovered over the top of planes on approach to Kirtland AFB/ABQ airport.

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    I watched Dr. Greer's new documentary Unacknowledged.

    At the time of this posting 05/14/17, there is not a rental price.
    Below are "streaming services" for the documentary.

    Link for Amazon, click here. Price US: SD 14.99 and HD 19.99

    Link for Vimeo, click here. Price US: 19.99

    Link for i-Tunes, click here. Price US: 19.99

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    Unacknowledged is worth owning and watching.

    It has the potential to be a Game Changer… In part, that potential as a Gamer Changer is up to the UFO Community.

    I have nothing negative to say about the project… People should draw their own conclusions regarding information provided within the documentary.

    Unacknowledged puts-out important information, most of which I agree with. Doctor Greer and others have put their hearts and souls into the project. They are to be commended for their work.

    There are comments from within the UFO Community: “The documentary offers nothing new” and “it is over-priced”.

    Addressing that first comment; for those with years and decades studying and researching UFO, Alien, Government Conspiracies and Cover-ups that comment is likely true. The documentary is well done. It is good to refresh things heard, read, watched, studied and researched in the past, and offers a renewed perspective.

    *Supporting it though buying, renting and sharing is important, and allows those like Dr. Greer to continue their work.

    Addressing the second comment; Suggesting to a friend to pay $20.00 to buy something is asking a lot. Suggesting they rent something for $5.00 is not. If they don’t like it, being-out $20.00 has potential to strain a friendship.

    However, being-out $5.00 for a rental isn’t that big of a deal. Hence, although currently recommending Unacknowledged for family, friends and posting on social media; I will wait until pricing drops to push it hard.

    Over-all: It is an unfair to pass judgment for pricing.

    Example, I am going to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, and will likely recommend it to people. Going to the theater, a person will easily drop $15.00.

    Yet, there is a difference.

    Unacknowledged it is not simply an entertainment value. They will not consider it the same as recommending a fictional film. You are attempting to alter another person’s perception of reality…

    So yes, there is a major difference.

    That said; Pricing for Unacknowledged is within normal ranges for new releases. For example, as of today to own a streaming copy of Dr. Strange is almost $20.00, renting is almost $10.00. In the future, prices for Dr. Strange will drop to own and rental will likely be around $5.00, and I expect the same pricing drops for Unacknowledged.

    Bottom-line; is Unacknowledged worth the price of $20.00?

    I go back to “Supporting it allows those like Dr. Greer to continue their work”. In that respect, it is worth it and allows renewed focus on issues.

    At the time of this posting, the documentary is to buy and streaming only. It is not downloadable. This has its ups and downs. Downside, I am not able to loan it for someone to watch at their leisure. DVDs will be available in the coming weeks. That said, most of the time when loaning a DVD or BlueRay, I never get it back… Also, did he or she really watch it?

    Upside of streaming, it forces you to be present when introducing a friend to UFOs, Aliens, Free Energy and so-on. Watching together with friends and family is important and sharing on a personal level. It is a time of bonding – a good thing.

    The difficult part for some people is to “keep their mouth shut” while watching it with them. Wait to comment and talk about the documentary until after they have watched it.

    Back too “It offers nothing new”.

    Again, refreshing stuff already known is good, and offers renewed perspective.

    Example, “cattle mutilations” is old-hat. However, for me it brought the issue back to the forefront of consideration. Do I agree with the documentary on their analyses? To be honest, I am not sure what to make of “cattle mutilations”.

    Decades ago, when cattle mutilations surfaced as an issue… There were a number of thoughts tossed around; teenagers screwing around, cults, aliens, and government misdirection.

    At one point in time, it was rumored aliens rubbed cattle blood onto their skin, and that was how they absorbed nutrients. I have a couple of theories on cattle mutilations… With a renewed deliberation on the issue, I have taken into consideration something not mentioned by anyone – as of yet. A different perspective not mentioned in Unacknowledged or anywhere else.

    Dr. Greet continues to suggest that aliens are “peaceful”.

    At this time, given “all the evidence” I disagree with that statement however, remain open to change. I reserve the right to reconsider it…

    However, that disagreement does not prevent me from recommending the film.

    In closing, I support the current price tag for the documentary. Pricing goes along with what major film companies are doing. They made the right choice for pricing. Keeping it within mainstream media pricing gives legitimacy on the project, and that legitimacy is well-earned.

    Also, I think how "Corruption, the Shadow Government / Corporate Government / Deep State" was covered is very good.

    Unacknowledged was produced at professional levels, and marketed away from mainstream media. Again, I have nothing negative to say about the project…

    It is very, very important for those of us within the UFO Community to support this project.

    *Reviews will boost Unacknowledged within algorithms at retail websites.

    Leave reviews at Amazon, Vimeo, i-Tunes.
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    Have just watched and it's very nicely made.
    Thought the use of quotes by very famous leaders really helped - a very well put together film. There is a barrage of facts in there and plenty for people to check for themselves.
    Doty wasn't over used and came across well. The false flag wasn't overplayed.
    Massive thumbs up from me hope it spreads like wildfire.

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