As a 12 year Exopolitics type from the UK - i always disliked the term "paranormal" and associations like spirits, ghosts etc... until just after the 2012 era.

I was invited to a none-UFO scene that was highly organised and had astonishing results that most UFO disclosure types could only have dreamed on post Roswell. This was a 'seance circle' in Northern England. Suffice to say that events at various meetings of this network showed me i was an idiot in thinking the ET contact issue was the MAIN vector for intelligent change. In fact - the UFO community are decades behind many other scenes... a lot we've never heard of. They learned pre WW2 about how to do this thing.

Here's a big example of this shift - after 12 series - the ONLY decent ghost type show finally moves into the ET/UFO area - using a visit to the Stardust Ranch [bizarre **** going down there it seems]. This merged spirits, UFO mother-ships, abductions, grey ETs, cattle mutes etc etc... ie: concepts these long standing researchers were not ready for.

Here's one link - see what you think. There's a wider agenda here... nothing can be seen in isolation in Contact V2.0 era.