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Thread: 51 issues of Project Red Book (1998-2004), plus YUFOS Journal etc (UK UFO magazines)

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    51 issues of Project Red Book (1998-2004), plus YUFOS Journal etc (UK UFO magazines)

    Another batch of searchable PDF versions of various UFO periodicals is now online. The publications listed below are the latest additions to the website of the AFU in Sweden. I’m grateful to those involved for granting me permissions to upload their publications and to the AFU for doing most of the relevant scans.

    Newsletter 1 : Project Red Book (1998-2004) - permission granted by its editor

    Newsletter 2 : The YUFOS Journal (1980s) - permission granted by Philip Mantle and a member of the Birdsall family (Russel Callaghan)

    Newsletter 3 : UFOdata (2006 to 2008) - permission granted by Russel Callaghan

    Newsletter 4 : UFO Review

    These publications can now all be found at:

    The largest collection of issues is in relation to "Project Red Book". At present 51 issues of that publication have been uploaded, with the permission of its editor. Jenny Randles recently recommended to me that I seek to make “Project Red Book” available online, commenting that “it specialised in lengthy interviews with UFOlogists on issues of the day.” Apart from material by that editor, “Project Red Book” regularly included material by Jenny Randles and other leading British UFO researchers, such as Nick Redfern, Andy Roberts, Dave Clarke and Georgina Bruni. This newsletter included a pinch of material from leading researchers outside the UK (e.g. by Bill Chalker, Jacques Vallee and Chris Rutkowski) and a dash of material about cryptozoology (particularly about Bigfoot and Alien Big Cats). 51 issues of “Project Red Book” can be downloaded with a single click during the next week from the temporary link below. (After that, or if you just want a single issue, this publication is on the AFU website at the link above):

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    As always, this is much appreciated.

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