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Thread: Obama to Disclose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    ...It is terrifying that a rogue body has been keeping this information from us even if they believe they have our best interests at heart.
    If they are so fractured and disparate they are so vulnerable to exploitation and infiltration by a more advanced species. Who is controlling it now?
    Most of them will have no idea. This is something everyone has a right to
    It is absolutely insane, people are worrying about their mortgage, their phone, and what new trainers to buy while slowly in the background Rome burns. Half the numbers of invertebrates double the number of humans in what 30yrs?
    People are completely unaware how out of balance with nature we are at the moment. It depresses the hell out of me.
    Could not agree more with this, an echo of my thoughts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GusB View Post
    ...Yes it depresses me as well, my wife is an Environmental Scientist. So she tells me how bad it is before it hits the mainstream media. We are not at a tipping point we are past the tipping point. Just say we went carbon neutral today it will still take 30 to 50 years to reverse the effects. So we have 30 to 50 plus years of serious climate change disasters to contend with and humanity is never going to be carbon neutral in my life time....
    'Depressing' is the word for me too...

    I live in one of the most remote locations on earth in a town with virtually no industries or factories and yet our Ocean water is so acidified that necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating bacteria) is now flourishing in our bays and beaches.

    "Disclosure is more important than Jesus" - amen to that!

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    It this a coincidence or just wishful thinking on my part again?

    One of Russia’s international state broadcasters, which reports in over 30 languages, seems to have found a new beat: aliens.

    Despite its name, Sputnik News doesn’t typically focus on extraterrestrial life. But the organization, which targets only foreign audiences with text and radio content, unleashed a stream of stories on the subject recently, with one apparent scoop detailing a supposed UFO sighting over Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming:...

    More at the link

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    Obama to Disclose?

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    Yeah this all from Steve Bassett. Have to say it makes a lot of sense

    Paradigm Research Group (PRG), a UFO disclosure advocacy, claimed in a recent statement that it has been contacted by a government whistle-blower who revealed that the U.S. intelligence community is ready to make alien and UFO disclosure.

    Paradigm Research Group and its executive director Stephen Bassett, have been at the forefront of the UFO disclosure movement in the past two decades, lobbying members of Congress and the executive branch for declassification of all files relating to UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

    PRG claimed that two days after the presidential election defeat of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, it received a message from a known source “within the military/intelligence community” that top officials within the intelligence community responsible for managing information relating to UFOs and extraterrestrials were ready for disclosure to occur under President Barack Obama. They were also ready to work toward disclosure in collaboration with the secretary of defense if he approaches them...

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    I would of thought sooner rather than later to iron out policies necessary to make the "smooth transition" of information into the public domain.

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    Also key Allies and institutions like the UN will need to be informed before the announcement. This usually coincides with investigative journalists in Washington being informed of the possible impending announcement.

    I'm not seeing anything like this happening so I seriously doubt its about to happen right now.

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    Just running possible scenarios.
    How about someone (an insider) steps up and discloses.
    Is arrested for revealing state secrets.
    And Obama pardons him on his way out to retirement.
    That would shake things up!
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    progress. -- Joseph Joubert
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