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Thread: Oz UFO magazines (PDFs) : Batch 1 : ACOS Bulletin, ACUFOS Journal, UFORAN + more

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    Oz UFO magazines (PDFs) : Batch 1 : ACOS Bulletin, ACUFOS Journal, UFORAN + more

    Several leading Australian researchers have now very kindly given me permission to arrange for various UFO magazines/newsletters to be made freely available online.

    The first batch of searchable scans includes:

    Item 1. ACOS Bulletin (1974-1979):

    Item 2. Journal of the Australian Centre for UFO Studies (“ACUFOS Journal”, 1980-1985):

    Item 3. UFO Research Australia Newsletter (“UFORAN”, 1980-1991):

    Item 4. Newsletter of the Australian UFO Abduction Study Centre and “Recollections”:

    Once again, most of the scanning has been done by our friends in Sweden at the AFU. Further credits in relation to relevant scans are given in my item at the link above. (I did consider a title for this thread along the lines of “Swedish invasion of Australia : Phase 1”, but that would not really reflect the spirit of this little Swedish-Australian-Anglo-American collective project...).

    Keith Basterfield has also been patiently providing me with information during the last month for information about various other Australian publications – see this preliminary listing of Australian periodicals that Keith has put together as a working document to help contact relevant researchers/groups for permission to upload further material:

    Further material – including periodicals associated with Bill Chalker and, assuming I obtain relevant permissions, also some other Australian researchers - should be online in a second batch in the near future.

    (One of the aims of posting this material now is to help obtain those further permissions by demonstrating to a few Australian researchers that such scanning is not some pie-in-the-sky dream but something that is underway and in relation to which I’d like to sort out a second batch of Australian periodicals within the next few weeks...).
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