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Thread: Wiki leaks Podesta / Tom de Longe

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    Disclosure is S-L-O-W . . .

    Years of evidence withheld from the sheeple . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    HI M-Albion it's well worth having a really decent check into Dr Nolan will PM you

    Decent more explicit interview to show start of the ADAM project
    Hey Longeyes,

    Thanks for the PM much appreciate your in-depth analysis of this and other threads.

    I will remain very much on the fence re. TTSA and their "Dream Team". Like I have posted previously, I think Nolan has been sold a bill of goods and he bought into it and left himself wide open to leverage. It seems he has taken the paycheck though, hmmm.

    Let's wait and see if the Dream Team begin to bring in the long standing and highly qualified researchers like Wilcock, Howe and Friedman to name just a few and even Greer as well. Not doing so, is a serious red flag IMO.

    Thanks again.
    "The more you look, the more you see...the more you see, the more you know"
    - M.Scott

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    Thank Mal

    I can only go on my instincts but they say Luis Elizondo George Knapp and Tom de Longe are genuine decent human beings, and are doing this for the very best of reasons to help thier fellow man.
    They have delivered on thier promises, stuck to thier word and don't appear to lie. They have made big sacrifices to do this. All good signs in my book.

    Dr Greer gone off the rails a bit. I think he’s been shut out and is furious. But he has frequently let us down with his promises, remember SEAS Power? Every month there was free energy imminent but it never appeared. His latest book was just a cheap rehash of The Disclosure Project book and interviews - nothing new. The list goes on and on....

    New from TTSA
    ‘You can now watch Dr Hal Puthoff’s first public presentation about his research, analysis and history of the AATIP program:

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    It’s worth listening to the above presentation by Dr Puthoff.
    The first half covers much of what we had already heard however there are some gems in the second half.
    He reveals that they analysed the Bismuth/Zinc layered alloy sample that was sent into George Noory by an anonymous serviceman and analysed by Linda Moulton Howe. He confirms:

    - they asked expert metallurgists and material scientists if they could reproduce it and they couldn’t make the layers bond or understand its function.
    - later a paper on meta materials showed how it was a way guide.
    - the sample enabled terra hertz em waves to travel along wave guides 1/60 on their amplitude. Normal waveguides can only carry waves equal or less than thier width.

    According to Telsa experts like Win Keech, overlapping em fields cancel out, but the lost scalar component does not, it remains additive, this scalar part was scrubbed out of Maxell’s this initial equations as it was deemed too complex to work with, basically if you put counter rotating em radiation through alternating layers of this meta material you have considerable overlap (98.3%) and a very large scalar component created, how that can be used is beyond my ken. But it likely to be used as propulsion.

    It’s worth also probably looking at the properties of Telluride alloys that Boyd Bushman mentioned in his ‘deathbed’ talk if you are interested in this.

    Hal listed many of the titles of the 38 studies they subcontractored out to the best experts they could find.

    He talked about engineering space metrics ie the Alcubierre warp drive. How they figured this would mean that craft ‘blue shifted light’ one reason why craft shine brightly ( info red shifted into visible light , and how visible radiation is shifted into ultraviolet and soft X-rays ie if one of these craft is on don’t approach it. This makes sense of the hundreds of radiation burns etc suffered by witnesses. He mentions the massive Brazilian report which they used.
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    New clarity on AAWSAP vs ATTIP for the likes of John Greenewald and those trying to FIOA them, Luis Elizondo claims many documents were label 'FIOA Exempt' which is within the bounds of the law, because anything of defence significance you don't want to give to falling into the hands of a foreign power.
    Really interesting statement at the end - 'I am confident and I'm cautiously optimistic that in the next year we are going to have a fundamentally different conversation than we're having today'
    Some things are obviously being planned in the next 12 months.

    Anyone know where this was shot? The is an edited down version.

    FULL Transcript available on the TTSA site

    "What I'd like to do tonight is just briefly go over a little bit about the program. A little bit of the history, what it is, what it isn't. Then maybe, where do we go next? What do we do? As you see here, Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program; it is indeed aerospace. I know some folks that said aviation, some folks at the Pentagon said aviation. I can assure you here tonight, it is indeed Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, AATIP..

    ..Before I open it up to questions I want to say one last thing. I am confident and I'm cautiously optimistic that in the next year we are going to have a fundamentally different conversation than we're having today.
    I think there's going to be additional fidelity to a lot of the things that have come out recently that are going be able to ... having sound trouble. That are going to help us have a better understanding of what it is we're actually seeing here."

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    Latest interview with Grant Cameron on Linda Moulton Howe and John Burroughs Phenomena radio..

    Would highly recommend Linda reveals she sent to her layered Bismth sample to Hal in 2012.
    And has sent it to him again recently. Grant mentions that Wilbur Smith was sent multiple samples by the US gov in the 1950s, and reminded people how close the Canadians British and Americans were post WWII as they all worked on the atom bomb together.
    He mentions those samples, Jacque Vallee’s samples and that he even has a fragment himself.

    What I thought they missed is that this official redelivery of samples that they have already analysed, for the ADAM project, is solely because all the previous work was DOD and therefore classified, this will be funded by TTSA and therefore the results can be put in the public domain.

    He mentioned the being that contacted the Canadians via various means and Wilbur Smith’s ‘New Science’ which Smith claimed was dictated to him by an alien. Whole book is here

    Leads nicely into the last section in which he propounded the consciousness came first theory. We are all connected and are co creators of the universe. Experiencing multiple lives as many different beings. The universe is consciousness.
    Which is very largely the message abductees receive.

    I would add this is pretty much Buddhist thought; we live in a non-conceptual reality, all phenomena are just a display, the universe is not solid like we think. But we would take it one step further you need an awakened heart to realise it, without bodhicitta you cannot have realisation.

    The ultimate goal to wake up to your true nature like the sun appearing from behind the clouds. This is something that cannot be described conceptually.
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    Senate or Congressional Hearing on the way?

    Nick Pope suggesting it may happen and that combined with all the emails the USS Nimitz guys are getting sounds like it's on the cards fingers crossed.

    ...Nick Pope, who probed the UFO phenomenon for the Ministry of Defence, believes the investigation by the US armed service committee could lead to a major public hearing which would be a “political bombshell”.

    Mr Pope said: “I think the powerful House Armed Services Committee was as fascinated and mystified by the revelations about the Pentagon's UFO project as everyone else...

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    TDL and Luis signing the lastest Sekret Machines book 'A Fire Within'

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    At the end TDL said that he can’t talk about half of the stuff going on for legal reasons, ‘we have so many cool things happening and it looks like all of our dreams of doing aerospace, science, entertainment – it’s all coming true.'

    Still time to buy some of those shares - the last date is 28th Sept for this offering at least.

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