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Thread: Wiki leaks Podesta / Tom de Longe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    I only know it by reputation.
    Dr Davis said it went quiet for a while and then heated up again. Whatever that means?
    I think Dr Eric Davis was referring to paranormal activity within the confines of the Skinwalker Ranch.
    "went quiet for awhile" = for an extended period of time, a sharp reduction in reported paranormal activity within the ranch boarders.
    "heated up again" = a recent marked increase in reported paranormal incidents.

    From what I have read, "phantasms/entities" entering or exiting "portals" are a few of the things reported.
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    Here's an article from "The Forward," that I think is relevant to many discussion we have these days though it focuses on the Nimitz UFO indecent.

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    Latest from George Knapp this time talking to Lius Elizondo about the technology behind the craft
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    Incredibly depressing that no one official in the UK has the cojones to admit that something real has been discovered.
    Still the same old rubbish they pad out... 'no defense threat' ...'mostly simple explanations for sightings'

    It's so slow in this country - we'll all be long dead and gone before they ever properly admit they know it's real.
    As Luis Elizondo said we need to know the truth so humanity can progress. You withhold this from the public then you are denying humanity the chance to come to grips with it and evolve.

    If you god is truly omnipotent and infinite in nature he will love little green men just as much as you. You know maybe we can learn something from not being thinking we are the only lifeforms out there?

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