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Thread: Wiki leaks Podesta / Tom de Longe

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    If this is correct, it puts things in a different perspective...

    Short version: he tried this before, lost a lot of money, and the new entity took over the debts of the previous attempt.
    Also, the official paperwork only lists it as an entertainment company.
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    I hope he’s not in it just to make money. What gives me more confidence is the calibre of the others on the team. He has raised about $350,000 dollars so far to make a antigravity craft surely, even if you were Kelly Johnson, is going to cost $100,000,000?! I don’t know I’ve put some money in, not enough to feel like an idiot if it proves to be a con or a failure Humanity needs this to progress, people could do with more truth in thier lives so they know how best to spend their limited time here.

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    Thanks for posting that Garuda. I must say I’m pretty annoyed he’s rolled all his old company into the new one. It gives the impression that this is all for the people. When I signed up the conditions on the shares looked appalling but without any experience or professional advice is was really hard to know exactly what rights if any I would have once signed up. We’ll see surely he’s made some money out of all those books.

    From what I’d heard I thought it was going to be some kind of media company, to really pull off r and d for a space craft is insane unless the have a direct funnel for known technologies,which are at the moment in black projects, surely that’s the implication? Ie Lockheed’s involvement. Surprised none of the big studios went for his ideas at one point (in the Podesta emails ) it sounded like he was close to a deal.
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    Tonight George Knapp is having Leslie Kean and Jeremy Corbell on Coast to Coast to talk about TDL's announcement

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    Just caught the first hour coast to coast show the segment with Leslie Kean.

    It just reiterated how phenomenal this whole TDL story has become - Leslie has worked with Chris Mellon and knows Hal Puthoff that is why she was asked to meet the other members of the team. And who better than one of the most trusted journalists in the Ufo field to get the story out there? She just emphasised that it is incredible that this actually seems to be happening. How it was a happy coincidence that key members of the team happened to be retiring at the same time. She stressed how they wil keep the channels open to where they came from. And that already big aerospace might be thinking of partnering with to the stars academy.

    They also addressed the worries that some of us have had about the money side of to the stars academy. Leslie has spoken to some members of the team and they will clarify things on the website soon. Tom put $2,000,000 into ‘to the stars’ and the merchandising has been quite profitable. The ~$450,000 is a longtime loan. We will have more clarity when they release proper details but she stressed the entertainment side will hopefully fund the scientific research.

    It probably won’t assuage the naysayers as people seem very poor at assessing the truth and veracity of things.I think this is just the start of a beautiful beginning when the mainstream media starts to click on this will really take off.

    The disillusioned will hopefully get the confirmation which we have been looking for a very long time.
    When the head of the US DOD’s investigation into UAV’s says they are real and we will show you the evidence, you’ve got to look up, that he has joined former Blink 182 frontman with the means to get the released is another stunning revelation. Behind the scenes there must be a massive desire to disclose, they and we know it’s long overdue.

    A big thanks to George Knapp for addressing our concerns.
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    Here is a good analysis of TDL's announcement from Grant Cameron. Well worth a watch:

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