TTSA put up a FAQ on CRADA. Hopefully we may get to see some results?

...Q: Will To The Stars Academy’s relationship with the U.S. Government and the military on its R&D efforts create greater transparency around the findings of the research?

A: From To The Stars Academy’s perspective, this relationship signals unprecedented transparency and willingness to engage in the topic from a scientific perspective, while bridging the expertise from private and government sectors.

To The Stars Academy has been transparent and vocal since its inception about the fact that a cooperative relationship with both the U.S. Government and private industry is essential to the success and forward movement of its steadfast mission. As a technology leader, the U.S. Government can provide exceptional resources to accelerate testing and analysis that otherwise would be cost-prohibitive to a start-up the size of To The Stars Academy.

The U.S. Army's positive response to the high-profile nature of this agreement and To The Stars Academy’s mutual approval to publicly release the details of the CRADA displays the willingness and desire to be transparent with the public. This follows suit with the various public statements that To The Stars Academy’s partners within the U.S. Government have released in the past 24 months, after To The Stars Academy kicked off its educational efforts on behalf of its public benefit mission.

To The Stars Academy’s efforts also include documenting its work on History's TV series Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation, which is currently being broadcast around the world, with plans to go more in-depth on the subject matter in season two.....