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Thread: BigPappy51 Hello!!!

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    Cool BigPappy51 Hello!!!

    I would like to say hello to all my friends on this fantastic positive forum and would like to Thank Cris Iverson for the opportunity to post here. I took a break from posting I think we all need that from time to time. I am glad to say Im back.

    A few things Im am very passionate about Ufology,Area-51, Black Aircraft, Cryptozoology, Conspiracies, The Moon missions. I have a degree in Electronics Technology. I love music I've been playing guitar for over 20 years and love creating and listening to music.

    I'm glad to see so many faces that I used to see on another forum. I hope to be able to contribute in a positive manor and cant wait to start reading all the UFO Materials I saw a Thread titled The Tall Grays and right away I thought Charles Hall and The Tall Whites. This may become my new favorite place.

    Thanks and God Bless, Bigpappy51

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    Welcome to TOP Bigpappy51. Good to see you here. Start a thread if you don't see one.

    "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth"
    Sherlock Holmes

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    Been reading you at the old room....I think I was already banned when you showed up.

    Glad you joined here and please to meet your acquaintance

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    Welcome to The OutPost, Bigpappy!

    It's good to see you here.
    The OutPost Forum - "Breaking the Boundaries of Science, Exploring the Frontier of Understanding"

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    Welcome, BigPappy51! It's great to see you and so many other familiar faces coming to The OutPost.

    I thought of Charles Hall and the Tall Whites when I read that, too. That was one of the most interesting stories I have read, more so because I know the area around there and actually wound up at one of the security gates by mistake one day.

    I look forward to your posts.

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    Hey Thanks everyone. I love this forum this is fantastic thanks for the support.

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