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Thread: Wilbert B Smith - 35 rare "Topside" newsletters now online (PDFs)

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    Wilbert B Smith - 35 rare "Topside" newsletters now online (PDFs)

    Wilbert B Smith (of Canada's Project Magnet) was associated with a UFO group in Canada called the "Ottawa New Sciences Club". That group published the "Topside" newsletter.

    Issues of “Topside” are pretty difficult to obtain so I was very pleased when, a few months ago, Canadian researcher Nikoloas Balaskas very kindly sent me scans of 12 issues of Topside. The AFU in Sweden has now kindly currently scanned quite a few further issues of this publication. Veteran American ufologist Barry Greenwood has helpfully scanned several issues to fill in the remaining gaps. So, issues 1 to 35 are now freely available online.

    More specific credits for the various scans are given below.

    The front covers of this publication expressly indicated that material can be copied provided acknowledgement is given. (The "Ottawa New Sciences Club" dissolved long ago).

    The collection can be downloaded with a single click during the next week from this temporary link:

    After the next week, or if you only want a specific issue, they can also be found longer-term on the AFU’s website at this link:

    Issue 01 - 1960 March (SCANNED BY NIKOLAOS BALASKAS)
    Issue 02 - 1960 June (SCANNED BY NIKOLAOS BALASKAS)
    Issue 03 - 1960 September (SCANNED BY NIKOLAOS BALASKAS)
    Issue 04 - 1960 December (SCANNED BY NIKOLAOS BALASKAS)
    Issue 05 - 1961 March (SCANNED BY NIKOLAOS BALASKAS)
    Issue 06 - 1961 Summer (SCANNED BY NIKOLAOS BALASKAS)
    Issue 07 - 1961 Fall (SCANNED BY NIKOLAOS BALASKAS)
    Issue 08 - 1962 Winter (SCANNED BY NIKOLAOS BALASKAS)
    Issue 09 - 1962 Spring (SCANNED BY NIKOLAOS BALASKAS)
    Issue 10 - 1962 Summer (SCANNED BY NIKOLAOS BALASKAS)
    Issue 11 - 1962 Fall (SCANNED BY NIKOLAOS BALASKAS)
    Issue 12 - 1963 winter and spring (SCANNED BY AFU)
    Issue 13 - 1963 Summer and Fall (SCANNED BY BARRY GREENWOOD)
    Issue 14 - 1964 September (SCANNED BY BARRY GREENWOOD)
    Issue 15 - 1964 December (SCANNED BY AFU)
    Issue 16 - 1965 Spring (SCANNED BY BARRY GREENWOOD)
    Issue 17 - 1965 Summer (SCANNED BY AFU)
    Issue 18 - 1965 Autumn (SCANNED BY BARRY GREENWOOD)
    Issue 21-22 - 1966 Summer and Fall (SCANNED BY AFU)
    Issue 23 - 1967 Winter (SCANNED BY BARRY GREENWOOD)
    Issue 24-25 - 1967 Spring and Summer (SCANNED BY AFU)
    Issue 26 - 1967 Autumn (SCANNED BY AFU)
    Issue 27 (SCANNED BY AFU)
    Issue 28 (SCANNED BY AFU)
    Issue 29 (SCANNED BY AFU)
    Issue 30 (SCANNED BY AFU)
    Issue 31 (SCANNED BY AFU)
    Issue 32 (SCANNED BY AFU)
    Issue 33 (SCANNED BY AFU)
    Issue 34 (SCANNED BY AFU)
    Issue 35 (SCANNED BY AFU)

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