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Thread: Compelling 9/11 videos

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    So at this point, I think it may be a good idea to outline and hopefully discuss the implications of World Trade Center 7 for some people that may still be a little mystified as to the implications and ramifications of this building.

    Roughly speaking, listening to various experts on the net, the process of "wiring explosives into a FULLY ACCESSIBLE AND VACANT DILAPIDATED BUILDING" which WTC7 was obviously not, would take around 3 to 5 weeks. As this building was wired throughout with occupants, it could have easily taken over three months with building shut downs (which there were) to gain access into the cores etc. etc.

    So, now we have a fully populated office building completely wired with "special" explosives ready for the big day when an "alleged" airliner would crash simultaneously with two others into WTC-1 and WTC-2.

    But something went wrong....and that "alleged plane" (Flight 93) went down in Shanksville PA!

    In order for the explosives not to be discovered after the event, they took the chance. (and screwed it up due to the massive media coverage). The building HAD TO BE "PULLED"!

    And down it came BUT in full view of all the witnesses who could later obviously was a controlled demolition! "Lucky Larry" once again, due to his nefarious connections, got away with the dastardly deed anyway....!

    My "paradigm shift" came years later when Rebekah Roth for me, was exposed as a fraud:

    That shift in thinking then....morphed into answering the question...why the proverbial "goose chase up the garden path" from this seemly truthful woman?

    It was then I recalled a video by Kerry Cassidy who produced an interview of one of my favorite insiders; John Lear who, I believe, is one of the most sincerest and knowledgeable people on the face of the planet.

    The big 64 million dollar secret here, was to keep the public focused into believing that these were "REAL PLANES" THAT STRUCK THE TOWERS AND THE PENTAGON! But nothing could be further from the truth. Hence, they concocted a "wives tale" brilliantly composed by the CIA with the help of a wayward, down-on-her-luck actress. Enter, Rebekah Roth.


    I made the connection and correlated this whole event with some of the evidence that I had stumbled on with my research of the anomalies found on the Martian surface.


    It was then I realized that we had ALL been taken for a ride, a ride that had been planned in the infinite detail for the past 20 years!.

    There were NO planes involved in any of the targets on 9/11!

    Now I fully admit, this may take a while to sink in (if ever) and I'm up for criticism here. But weigh ALL of the evidence including the INABILITY for a Boeing 767 to fly at near sea level at nearly 600 miles an hour without its wings being ripped off (and the same goes for the Boeing 757 over at the Pentagon) and WHAM....everything falls into place!

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