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Thread: Predictions for 2017.

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    Quote Originally Posted by calikid View Post
    Does US 0ne = Air Force 0ne ✈ epo333?
    Any sense of mechanical failure vs sho0t down (t3rrorist act)?
    Could you tell if any Fatalities resulted?
    Yea, I meant Air Force One, I think US One might be the marine chopper the POTUS uses.

    Didn't seem like a sho0t down.

    The nose seem to penetrate the building about 30 to 40 feet, so I would assume at least casualties.

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    Our nation and the world is currently experiencing a time of unprecedented chaos. And chaos will be the reason why the sealed doors of those vaults that contain classified information will crack and start to leak bits of intelligence that most on the food chain of power never had access to before. Let's hope that some of that information trickles down to the general public but, once again, chaos prevails so that just might happen.
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    With the roll back of financial regulations there may be another recession or crisis in the future, possibly even a depression worse than the one in the previous decade.
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    My inner Mulder wants to believe, but my inner Scully remains skeptical.

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    The winds of war are upon us; and here I'm talking about another world war. It will not happen this year but things are currently lining up for that in the upcoming years.
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    Political analyst George Friedman thinks that if IS is successful in uniting the Islamic world under one caliphate, this will ultimately result in a global challenge. The fact that he even says "If" means that he's not ruling it out that this could very well happen. As it is now, we are engaged in an existential war against ISIS but I predict that this will evolve into something much more than that in the upcoming years. In other words, another world war. It could turn out to be the US and its allies, against the rest of the world.

    These are our top ten allies:
    The United Kingdom

    • Philippines
    • Germany
    • France
    • Australia
    • Japan
    • Mexico
    • South Korea
    • Israel

    Steve Bannon:

    USA Today sifted through dozens of hours of audio from Bannon’s radio program and found that many of the discussions centered on Islam, which he labels the “most radical” religion in the world. In one recording, Bannon declares that the West is “fighting a ‘global existential war’ with Islam.” He also hints that there’s “a fifth column in this country in the government, in the media.”

    “We’ve been warned. They attacked us. We had our own Pearl Harbor, and we looked the other way….Want to know why guys like Donald Trump and Nigel Farage are on the rise? Because the elites in this country are too gutless, they’re too gutless to face the enemy that’s trying to destroy us.”
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    There will likely be a rise in hate crimes, not only in America, but around the world as well.
    My inner Mulder wants to believe, but my inner Scully remains skeptical.

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    Also there will likely be more mass shootings in America, though hopefully nothing as bad as the Pulse Night club massacre.
    My inner Mulder wants to believe, but my inner Scully remains skeptical.

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    Something is coming up this year about the Earth's magnetic field. I have no idea what it could be but the words MAGNETIC FIELD were stated loud and clear to me during a recent meditation session.
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    For it is in giving that we receive.
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    Folks, this post, is only my humble opinion and is not meant to enrage or inflame. I post here in good faith, that it will be seen as such.

    I predict in the coming few months, there will be an arrest of the most vileness top US terrorist - George Soros. In doing so, this will create a tidal wave of new consciousness as to the reality of the embedded criminal fifth column in the US Government resulting in an eventual, new found awareness of the "expunged" history of the Khazarian Mafia which, for over the past 100 years, has usurped the US governing body politic and the founding principles of the US Constitution as well as the American way of life.

    Coming to understand the deep history of these people, who fly under the false flag of the great Jewish people of ancient Palestine will come about. This education will begin to surface in the mainstream of the American mind, who at present, are asleep at the engine of the great US republic. And when this happens, IMHO, it's going to be a difficult time but a necessary time to change the direction of the western world currently under the clutches of these Khazarian global elite.

    Putin is keenly aware of this fast approaching reality and will perhaps, lead the way if...the American people can get over the fallacy that Russia is our enemy, which is being spread as "fake news" currently financed by the true enemy here at home, George Soros. At present, he enjoys his personal freedom to finance and create mayhem - but not for long.

    For those interested in the "Dark History of the Kingdom of the Khazars" and how this absolutely huge segment of world history has been purposely expunged from our present day understanding of world history, here are two .PDF summaries for download - part 1 and part 2:


    Part 1.

    Part 2.

    For further study of more recent times, I highly suggest the great work of G. Edward Griffin "The Creature from Jekyll Island" available here in Audiobook format:
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