This thread is being posted after consultation with the staff & I thank them for their understanding & support.

Someone asked a while back if there was any new conspiracy or mystery they could investigate / research / go into, which is what prompted me to think of this bizarre & very complicated subject.

Before I start it should be made clear that if you have only heard of this case through the media you have only been told lies & half truths so please hold off responding until you have dug in to some of the material on offer.

I also wish to state as fact that this has NOTHING to do with abduction, pedophiles, nor are the parents to blame.

If you have any evidence contrary to the above please contact the UK police because NO evidence what so ever has EVER been produced to that effect ! Although the MSM would have you believe it has !

This case certainly has nothing to do with the Podesta bros so please don't post any of those silly memes.

To follow this it's best to empty your mind of presumptions, and unfocus from Madeline & her parents & see the bigger picture, because thats where the action is.

You may wonder why this has any place on a UFO forum, my reply is that if you take the time to watch these videos you will in effect have taken a master class on government & MSM disinformation & perception management, and if you can maintain concentration you will find out some absolutely astounding things about things so incredible I can't post about it !

I would recommend downloading these videos & putting them on a USB stick to watch on your TV (flat screen TVs have a usb slot & it's much easier than burning a dvd !).

Videos are from this free site, to which I have no affiliation

I would recommend watching these videos in the order they appear in for maximum clarity.