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Thread: Corey Goode and the Sphere Alliance/Blue Avians

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    (something that can't be ruled out when doing a comprehensive analysis of people like Goode and his story)

    We have to keep asking why the gov't does the things they do. In this case, are such ongoing stories like what Goode has been presenting manufactured by the gov't to discredit the the Ufo community and its experiencers? Is he on their payroll? Is Wilcox too?

    To me, all it shows is that they're hiding things that they don't want to public to know about wrt ufos... so they come up with people like Goode so we can continue to be ridiculed; and this includes the phenomenon itself, of course.

    Jacques Vallee wrote a few books on this topic.
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    FWIW, I think these releases by people like Goode are tests, a sort of fake news barometers if you like, to measure what people are willing to believe at face value, even if there is virtually nothing to substantiate it. It has some core elements that are accepted within certain target audiences, and then they test how far confirmation bias can be used to stretch their credulity. And it's scary, quite frankly, how far it can be stretched.
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    Thanks for your feedback on this.

    For those who believe that the realm of possibilities that lie beyond the veil is endless, it's very easy to see how they can be victimized as the target audience for a very well planned out and executed deception like that.

    I suppose the criteria gathered from such a research endeavor would be useful for, amongst other things, in setting up a false flag event.
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    Hi Garuda

    Saw that article half of them pretty wacky but i trust A99 and Bill Ryan he's just reinvented himself with all the pyscho babble he's heard

    Dr Salla has found an eyewitness!!!

    This remind you of anyone, his wife Marcia signed an affidavit to prove who he was?
    You are sinking pretty low if the only collaborating witness you can drag up is your wife.

    Haven't watched this yet so will hold back any further criticism

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    Out of respect for Dr. Salla, I'm going to refrain from saying anymore about this case. More information, I'm sure, will be coming out in due time about the actual facts about the person of interest in this discussion that will be backed up by documentation that will help others to determine the veracity of Goode's story.
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    The strangest thing happened last night just as I was segueing into that threshold range of consciousness. I was still in awake though yet I found myself saying, as if something was speaking through me, the word,"good" which I instantaneously understood to mean C. Goode.

    And then, less than a split second later, a scene flashed into my mind's eye of tall-ish alien humanoids wearing velvet high collar capes standing side by side in a half-circle. And, once again, instantaneously when that scene popped in, I felt what seemed like a very sharp fork-like utensil poke the bottom of my right foot. It hurt so much that I automatically said "ouch" and sat up in bed to rub my foot. I mean, really, it hurt!

    I'm still processing this so I still don't know what it all means but I will say that this is the first time I've ever experienced anything like that before.

    Could it mean that Goode's contacts want me to know that they are real and that they exist? That Goode's story is, in fact, not something that he's making up? I don't know but something strange is going on here.

    Up until now I've been a total skeptic but now since I had that experience... well, I'm hoping I'll get more clarification on what happened.
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    Hi A99

    No sure what to make of your experience.

    All I can say is that Corey's new age message is pretty much spot on. 'All religions are one' message is something the Dalia Lama repeatedly expresses we all need love and compassion. He is absolutely right about the nature of reality being nothing like what most people think it is. You have buddhanature, a divine spark Christian's might say, that has unlimited potential and connects you with absolutely everything in the universe. We have everything we need we just need to awaken like the Buddha did. You don't have to see it in terms of any religion - this is ultimate truth.
    We've been told repeatedly there is no such thing - this is a lie told repeated because of lack of faith, experience and knowledge and potentially dark forces interfering with our belief systems.

    These kinds of ideas are all floating around the fringes society and they are right in believing these kinds of ideas. But the problem is the vast majority - don't know quite where that truth lies, they know they are on a path but don't know all the obstacles. There is so much confusing nonsense out there and it is very hard to tell see the difference sometimes. The majority also believe that they can pick and choose their route to awakening, it's very much thier spiritual journey. That unfortunately that is ego speaking and you won't ever achieve awakening by following ego, you have to see it through it and realise it doesn't exist. Trunga Rinpoche called it Spiritual Materialism because he saw that although the hippy generation were looking for spirituality it was a very egotistical path they ended up treading.
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    What worries me is that if the dark satanic rumours are true they are deliberately leading these very vulnerable people into something that they will later reveal to be rubbish and putting people off the path which as far as I can see they may have been doing for centuries. But they don't really exist either do they? Or is that the only way they remain hidden?

    Listened to Corey's wife and she's no Marcia, but couldn't decide whether she was telling the truth or has decided Corey is racking it in, and she may as well help.

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    I haven’t had the chance to read over all of Goode’s material and, like most telepathic information of this sort, I tend to nod off when reading it. First my eyes glaze over. Then my mind begins to wander; and then I doze off. I do the same with abduction stories.

    I talked about this in another thread here and how I found out that the same phenomenon happens to a lot of abductee’s and experiencer’s when reading the personal witness accounts of other abductee’s. Eve Lorgan, a well-known abductee therapist said that it is as if we’re programmed by our visitor’s to shut down like that because, for some reason, they don’t want us to read that kind of material. Perhaps information like that has the potential to trigger off more recollections of our own abduction experiences; or other related types of experiences? Could be, and that’s the only reason I can think of at this present time.

    Does Doc have an online abductee/experiencer group going on now? If he could chime in on this, that would be great.
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    Sounds like a sleep disorder, might be caused by a neuropeptide that regulates arousal, wakefulness, and appetite called ‘hypocretin’ which can also affect muscles referred to as ‘cataplexy’ due to lack of hypocretin in the brain and sometimes associated with narcolepsy. It could also be a precursor to an external hypnagogia focus stimulation and possibly attention fatigue which sets off the above into sleep
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