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Thread: Jacque Vallee ufo sample research

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    Jacque Vallee ufo sample research

    Jacque Vallee the renowned veteran of UFO research was speaking at Contact in the Desert this year. And according to Jeremy Corbell it was riveting. He recounted that Vallee had 12 samples from various craft people had given him over the years and was analysing them. One his research showed - was so isotopically pure that he claimed it would require billions of dollars to reproduce here on Earth.

    This rang true with Corbell because his analysis of Patient Seventeen's implant showed isotopical anomalies that placed it outside of our solar system.

    If anyone went please fill us in with more details. Would love to hear the full talk

    Jacque Vallee was asking people for more samples in the remote chance you have any under the floorboards/ carpet/ hidden away Mons. Vallee might be the person to trust it with. Hopefully results will be published in a book so far nothing...

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    It seems Jacques Vallee (apologies for the earlier spelling mistake) wrote a paper about the analysis of 10 materials samples in 1998

    Physical Analyses in Ten Cases of Unexplained Aerial Objects with Material Samples – Jacques Vallee 1998
    A copy of the paper is available here
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    Have skipped through it - it has a brief 2008 addendum bringing to total number of cases he knows of with metallic samples to 12. He hasn't analysed all the samples - just one I think with Hal Puthoff ( of SRI fame). This could be the one with isotopic analysis. So not as great as would be hoped for but surely he can add some of Roger Lier samples to the list?

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