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Thread: UFORadio International Podcast Shows

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    Thanks you so much guys for your comments.

    More goodies to come.
    I just did a new special last night - 1967 Radar-Visual-ECM UFO incident.
    There were 10 pages of notes and maps on the desk during the interview with 2 guests - atmospheric photo how to spend Sunday night
    Stay tuned and best wishes.

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    UFORadio-International #5: UFOs and Government - A Historical Inquiry

    UFORadio-International #5: UFOs and Government - A Historical Inquiry
    Guest: Robert Powell

    UFOs and Government Book
    Book Review:
    Wendy Connors' Faded Discs:

    In today's episode we are talking with prominent researcher - Robert Powell. We will discuss important book titled "UFOs and Government - A Historical Inquiry". Interview covers important elements of the UFO history with 7 rare audio clips that serve as companion pieces.

    Some of the subjects that we covered were:

    - Foo Fighters and Ghost Rockets
    - Kenneth Arnold's Sighting
    - Project Sign and Estimate of the Situation
    - Projects Grudge and Blue Book
    - Washington UFO Flap 1952
    - Michigan UFO Flap 1966
    - Condon's Comittee
    - FOIA era of UFO Documents in 1970s
    - Scientific Coalition of Ufology
    - November 2004 Radar-Visual USS Princeton Incident
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