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Thread: UFORadio International Podcast Shows

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    UFORadio-International Special ep#9: 1958 Eielson AFB Radar UFO Incident
    Guest: Gerry Flood

    Please consult this map to get better overview of the radar stations:
    Map-Gerry Flood.jpg

    I am discussing another Radar UFO incident with Gerry Flood, former US Air Force GCA radar air traffic controller. Incident happened in 1958 while Gerry was stationed in Eielson AFB in Alaska. Gerry observed a target on search radar (MPN-11) which was able to fly over 5,000mph and make turns instantly of over 90 degrees. Other radar sites were contacted and target was confirmed on their scopes too.

    This is a companion episode to previous special that presented 1967 Radar Visual UFO Incident above Southern Florida:

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    UFORadio International #10: Thirty Exclusive Minutes with James Fox

    Guest: James Fox

    I was able to arrange new interview with James Fox during his driving trip from San Francisco to Santa Fe.

    James is working very hard on his new documentary "701". During this exclusive interview we covered these subjects:

    - Current status of "701" production.

    - New information about Holloman UFO Landing film.

    - Vandenberg UFO film.

    - Deep sources, contacts, and search for physical evidence.

    - Interview with col. William Coleman before his death.

    - Interview with former Secretary of the Air Force - Anthony McPeak.

    - Interview with John Podesta.

    ... and more.

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    Exclusive 60 Minutes with Luis Elizondo - Former Director of the AATIP

    Guest: Luis Elizondo (UFORadio International #11)

    On December 17th 2017, New York Times has published historic article on the front page titled: "Real U.F.O.s? Pentagon Unit Tried to Know". The article described Pentagon's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program which had a mandate to evaluate UFOs. Luis Elizondo was a former director of that program. In this exclusive interview that I did for Croatian Television, he explains his involvement in the program and what was learned through the years. This is the uncut version of that interview. On the date of this release, this is as far as I am aware, the longest interview with Mr. Elizondo.
    During this exclusive interview we covered these subjects:

    - Lue's career and his patents.

    - The AATIP timeline and the budget.

    - Mandate of the program.

    - Detection of UFO Phenomena by DOD sensors.

    - Witnesses, technical data and credibility factor.

    - The USS Nimitz UFO Incident.

    - 5 main categories of the UFO phenomena.

    - AATIP findings vs Condon Committee conclusions.

    - Alleged exotic materials.

    - Possibilities of another and more hidden UFO program.

    - To The Stars Academy.

    ... and more.

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