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Thread: MJ-12/DIA assessment-situation-statement-position-ufos -- 1989 White House

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    that is what I love about this team you actually take the time to tear it apart

    Yugoslavia... could very well be referring to the Bosnian pyramid ... at the time of the interview it would have been Yugoslavia
    --- there are some truly amazing rumors coming from this particular location...

    I would point to the black sea as an alternative but you have Romania and Bulgaria in between, so it would be many miles off course.

    as for flat rock this is what I found....

    Try: 35°31'6.47"N 114°53'28.15"W in Google Earth.

    It is a FICTIONAL facility, but the place is on the map. JUST FOR FUN! How did I find it:
    1. Watch the movie at 32:55 to 33:05 - there is a map of Nevada with the Wildfire location (it is an Atomic Energy Commission Facilities Chart saying the entire South Nevada is a "testing ground"!!??);
    2. PrintScreen the paused movie;
    3. Open the image in InrfanView: crop Nevada map, sharpen, edge detect;
    4. Open Google Earth: search for "Flatrock Crossing Way, Nevada", go South border of Nevada State (border lines activated, add image overlay (edge detect image one), and make size and rotation adjustments up to image edges match the Nevada borders;
    5. In GE: Pin the center of big spot (Wildfire): it is 35°31'6.47"N 114°53'28.15"W (also add polygon around the spot, it is the probable area of Wildfire);
    6. In GE: unselect the edge detect image, go closer to the pin, and look around inside of the polygon: there are few facilties in 35°31'10.08"N 114°53'3.32"W (it is the probable Department of Agriculture facility just above the Wildfire!!??), pin and add polygon around.

    It just for fun!!! Please do not disturb the peacefull South Nevada farmers about it!!!

    Few interesting things:
    - Wildfire is fictional but I suppose Atomic Energy Commission Facilities Chart saying the entire South Nevada is a "testing ground" is a real one;
    - There is a small spot on the map, southwest from Wildfire ( 35°28'1.23"N 114°55'6.98"W). It is a small town of Searchlight, it is real and there is casino there if you like it.
    - Look around the Dept. of Agriculture faciltiy: watch the movie, check the two scientists in a car get a small road (at right of the main road) before they get. There is a turnabout at south of the facility in GE with a road leading to the facility;
    - In the same area: there is a modern building at northeast of the facility ( 35°31'13.95"N 114°52'51.12"W) I dont know what it is;
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    Page A2 of 4 in the History refers to lMJ-12HQ at a decommissioned ?Marine? Air Base, Flat Rock, Nevada under the authority of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and that it had been marked still radioactive due to nearby Atomic bomb tests.

    The Yugoslav base could be Mt Rtanj in what is now Serbia

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    Love how this narrative is gently unfolding. Very entertaining and even moreso with a bag of Cheetos! It's even got it's own Hi Brasil! What more can you ask for?
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    Kevin Randle gave his first impressions on his blog:

    Some quotes:

    The use of “Ultra Top Secret” also raises questions. Ultra was the British code name for their operation to intercept and read high-level, highly-classified Nazi message traffic. This code name seems inappropriate for use by the US government or military.
    I see that there really is nothing new here. The information about Roswell is wrong, the name of the base is wrong, the chain of command is wrong, and even the higher headquarters at Fort Worth is wrong (it wasn’t the 5th Air Force, but the 8th).
    The Aztec material is derivative of Steinman’s book, the MJ-12 information is taken from there (or maybe from any of Stan Friedman’s many writings on it), and there is nothing that is suggestive of advanced scholarship. The writing does not sound as if it came from a government source, and without names, without government agencies, without any way to check things out, this just doesn’t seem to be authentic. I withheld my opinion on this, just announcing that the documents have been released so others would have a chance to review them, but it is now clear that this does nothing to further our knowledge and just confuses an already confused issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garuda View Post
    Kevin Randle gave his first impressions on his blog:

    Some quotes:
    I'm thinking Friedman is going to come to a similar conclusion... what I could not wrap my brain around was the alien interview... the nuances of american English , are too subtle, and cultural based... understanding certain phrases usually means an entity either lived it, or extensively studied a particular cultural era. I cannot speak to the military aspects, classifications, format or logos, well above my pay grade.

    On the other hand I found it really interesting that they brought up children, and seemed to simply gloss over this. Like injecting what could be seen as a Trojan horse into the human population pool was somehow normal and acceptable.
    -- this may be due to my own experiences, but it was a bit weird, not to mention the Alien allegedly alluded to a shift in human genetics and understanding via these children, which at the time should have thrown all kinds of alarms and red flags. Especially the new age, socialist type ideology being represented, in what was a McCarthian era atmosphere...

    I kind of held off a little to see what would shake out of this, but it does look like another one of those dead ends...

    I would have loved to have something tying in the Bosnian pyramids to an ancient civilization. The Isle of Pine is new to me so that piece is a nice to have. Perhaps there are clues there, in the sense pointers of where to be looking at vs. authenticity, but as stated by Kevin this may simply muddy the waters and not truly be of benefit in the long run.
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    Thanks Garuda
    That about wraps it up such a shame but it does seem to have too many holes to be authentic. Putting in a fictional town for an Air Base is a very obvious mistake. The style in no way resembles a government or military document it is too warm and conversational.
    The EBE interview was very cleverly thought out but the 'we are here because of the trees' was a little hard to swallow.
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    What if it's not all fiction and whomever the source is, he/she has released it to the public knowing that some out there will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff?
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    Quote Originally Posted by A99 View Post
    What if it's not all fiction and whomever the source is, he/she has released it to the public knowing that some out there will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff?
    I dunno... what pieces would you extract or change?

    as for nuclear tests... you have desert rock, where they sent marines in after the blast.
    as for super fund sites you have rocky flats in Colorado, highly contaminated... and close to newer gov facilities... definitely in the news in '89, wrong state, wrong source of contamination, nuclear assembly plant vs. test site

    are they pointing to Bosnia and the isle of pine? Why?
    are they pointing to the children... as in hybrids, possibly the Rachel story... again why?

    -- it's like they wrapped up known folklore, perhaps to see what direction people would take it in... is cointel out of ideas and searching for something to bite into... or are they measuring levels of apathy in a quickly dismantled document. i.e. dismissed next move along. who continues to hang on and who doesn't being noted.... honestly I do not know what the objective here is.

    if I was the gov hiding something like this it would be northern Alaska or the northwest territories... no one is going to be venturing into those areas without months of prep work, full control of access by air, ground, and sea, any disappearance is easily attributable to hostile conditions, storms, navigation errors. rescue and forensics would be next to impossible. an expedition or small group can be seen coming from 100s of miles away long before documentation of any significance can be taken. Also very easy to camouflage, with no need for a deep freeze, the environment provides a natural preservation of materials and biologicals. Plenty of water and if near an oil field then diesel, natural gas for energy is abundant. The only fingerprint is logistical in the sense of food, and maintenance supplies, which is easily diverted and controllable, with a small C-130 crew. The desert barely makes sense due to its still accessible and within proximity of regular commercial traffic not to mention power and water sources being needed, preservation would be a logistical nightmare during any loss of power to a facility. can it be done of course... but why opt for the added headaches. Aircraft testing sure no problem given the aerospace industry at the time was concentrated in the area. but recovered ET craft and bodies, I would say got relegated to the deep freeze. As for an HQ for MJ-12 or similar type group, convenience alone would dictate the DC area, easily explainable as a conference or other type of official business. Someone disappearing for a few weeks with no explanation of their whereabouts would raise too many eyebrows. Just rent the top 5 floors in any high rise building and you have the cushion needed for security purposes. Alternately considering the black budget just own the whole building and lease pieces of it out to firms dealing with Top Secret materials, making the whole building a security nightmare for anyone wanting to breech it. You also end up with key people you may want to talk to on the premises, or visiting some other office as a reliable cover. This is just simple stuff, where spycraft is 98% a matter of boring the hell out of anyone trying to spy on you, and blending the activity into the routine so well that due to complacency it goes unnoticed.
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    Whitley Strieber... on now live at

    talking about the children --- and the finders??


    touching on some of the stuff I used to cover on OMF

    --- he is missing a huge piece, when he discounts the idea of an unseen war, as not being valid...
    --- unfortunately he cannot wrap his mind around this, or simply does not want to believe this could be possible.
    --- they are trying to limit this to a concepts of reptilian v. nordics... but this is not what the war is, it's so different
    --- more like splitting dimensions and timelines for control of the future... but then again its all woo anyway.
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    at least he is pointing out the many assumptions the ufo community has and how this closes so many into investigating possibilities.

    --- they partially covered the TEs as a possibility in encounters... and how changing the past would require tricking those you cannot technically interact with into believing you do not exist... i.e. bypassing the grandfather paradox.

    --- heaven and hell as a state of mind, where in pure self consciousness an entity would need to face the the things they have done, and how someone who may be having lots of shameful episodes may want all of this to end... i.e. the conflict between those trying to end this and those looking to ensure it continues. --- a really interesting concept.

    perhaps in opening this door so many years ago they allowed for this conflict to spill over into the human psyche... with a recent past of it being experienced by some who were most likely taken for being ramblings of a crazy person. Yet the 70s had the stargate program, which very well dealt with communicating within this type of medium ... this alone points to its existence, with a human capacity to interact with it.

    lol, Streiber is surprised the MJ-12 doc is talking about the children... yes, something that has been actively buried for a very very long time. -- my own thoughts is the children have a natural ability to interact at a very different level of reality, which most barely recognize as being possible. Yet our ancestors seemed quite comfortable with this parallel reality or as they saw it the after world or spirit world.
    sit on the edge to watch something unfold with a force we cannot control but communicate with

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