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Thread: Alternative Interpretations of Science - Intelligent Design Orientated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Van Eck Phreak View Post
    I only recently had the idea that there may be a conspiracy to do with the reality of dinosaur fossils. I haven't done a lot of research on the topic. I have the opinion that there is a concerted disinformation campaign directed by Freemasons and other secret societies to keep the true history of earth a secret.

    If dinosaur fossils have been fabricated to create a false perception of history, what would the purpose be? I personally find it difficult to believe that dinosaurs bones would only be found in the last 200 hundred years in such concentrated clusters of discoveries. Why aren't mining sites all over earth finding lots of dinosaur bones? Shouldn't they be easier to find the deeper you dig?
    I think there have been cave paintings made by ancient humans who drew what looks like dinosaurs.

    As well as some sea ships whom claims to have encountered living specimens who have an uncanny resemblance to some potential aquatic life thought to be extinct.
    There are also a few mysteries where footprints of human beings and dinosaurs are imprinted overlapping one another. Some ancient species have (officially) been witnessed and cataloged out at sea who were once thought to be extinct.

    At the very least there are plenty of questions and some inconsistencies in the established plotline of the history of the Earth.

    The latest addition to the plotline in the last century is that there were multiple species of human beings who once were in a cohabit with each other and intermingling.
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    About dinosaurs, their fossils and humans:

    I believe dinosaur fossils have been found also earlier in the history by humans, earlier than recorded. I think I remember reading about eastern culture and dinosaur fossils and their connection to the tales of dragons. So dinosaur fossils were possibly related to dragons and as a proof that dragons once existed. Later the sciences were unable to possibly explain dinosaur fossils, so they were kept away from records, since everyone knows that for example Christian church, which dominated Europe at some point, were not interested in science, but felt it as a threat to their explanation of the history of the world even more than these days. Earth was created in the church's explanation some thousands of years ago and so possible dinosaurs would not fit to the creation myth of the church. There are no dinosaurs in the Bible, which would have been difficult for the church, so they were possibly suppressed.

    About dinosaurs and humans:

    This is my own invention backed up by some what I've learned from internet and channeled information as well.

    So I believe back in the days when dinosaurs were living also according to science, millions of years ago, there were humans on this planet living with them. However the humans weren't mammals possibly, but from their race something more like reptilian extraterrestrials. They may have not been same as the extraterrestrial reptilians, but specifically related to planet Earth. I believe and my channeling has told, that species can be created on a planet, and so there would have been native reptilian humans living among the dinosaurs. Like these days humans are mammals, like the majority is these days mammals from the greater species at least, so back then among dinosaurs were living reptile humans, who were living with humanoid form of a reptile.

    Now why there haven't been found fossils from such reptile humans, is because that is removed from planet Earth, since it would change too much the idea humans have from the history. So creation work has removed the reptile human fossils from the ground, so that no one would learn to know, that such have existed.

    I know it's a bit off limit and assumptions, what I told here, but this is what I've learned possible, and I have gained such information from channeling.

    I've also somewhere seen images of fist sized stones found in a cave somewhere in South-America, that had carved depictions of some reptilian human or at least a humanoid form entity, riding a raptor like dinosaur, the stones were thought to be fabricated by others, but I think it's interesting find. Raptor dinosaurs could have well been possible to be tamed and used as mounts back then, but of course it's just what might have been.

    One thing is also, I've learned from channeling, that reptile animals were brought from planet Mars and developed here to become greater from their size, like a newcomer species, that finally takes over the biosphere, due to being more capable to multiply and so on.

    Now this is not very strong information, but something to think about, what if, it's only my own experience from what I've learned, concluded and channeled, and nothing proven to be so.
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    Great post mek, most interesting theory which has many grounds for actuality!

    Excellent research and if you have any further information, please post.
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    Seems to me something is amiss. It has been recently discovered that more than likely the dinosaurs, rapter type and bi-pedal, were covered in feathers. But you never see that depicted in any so called anchient drawings or cave art.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonfire View Post
    Seems to me something is amiss. It has been recently discovered that more than likely the dinosaurs, rapter type and bi-pedal, were covered in feathers. But you never see that depicted in any so called anchient drawings or cave art.
    Yeah, there was a fossil that had been immersed in amber and it's physical features were preserved. Thats when it became evident that some dinosaurs actually had feathers along their body. (These are officially accepted finds)
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    Science can be divided up into two parts.

    Methodological Naturalism - which is simply the epistemic procedure we know as science. This is not a world view but an epistemological procedure.
    Metaphyical Naturalism - This is the world view that "only the natural world exists". This is the psuedo science that is at odds with theistic and paranormal world views. It also represents the majority of publication and media. It is an inherently circular world view because it uses it's own conclusions as verification that it's premise "only the natural world exists" is true.

    I think Metaphysical Naturalism is heading toward a Crisis, although you wouldn't see that in scientific publication. In the past scientific progress pushed theistic and paranomral world views into retreat. However science has run out of "easy finds" to boast with and has now run aground on the biggest questions of life. A biogensis has made no significant progress and now looks to space just to form the proper sequence of amino acids. Evolution has made no tenable progress toward the development of consciousness. Classical Darwinism is in crises as the tree of life turns into a forest. Dinosaur soft tissue and bones (not fossils) have been found, including date-able carbon 14 with low possibility of contamination, which shrinks the time table for mutation. DNA replicators have been discovered to have innate systems to significantly prevent mutation from replicating. We have 3.5 billion year old bipedal foot prints (Laetoli) which diminish the significance of hominids. Cosmology discovers massive teleology on a daily basis. The grandest of ever has to be the cosmic microwave background radiation map known as the axis of evil. The universe expanded rapidly for a very short time after the Big Bang and some of that radiation is still reaching us. When they mapped this radiation they discovered a pattern. The radiation pattern of the big bang fit something within our very solar system....Earth! More specifically the plane of the ecliptic (zodiacal band).

    I think that Metaphysical Naturalism is a "stand in" rather than the ultimate goal for something that will take place globally. I think the purpose is not to terminate theism, or the spiritual, but to pervert it. Metaphysical Naturalism is a pulsating magnet that all can see and focus on as an obvious antagonist against the opposite spectrum of spiritual truth. However the purpose of this magnet is not to change the polarity of humanity by pulling it towards Metaphysical Naturalism, but to pull humanity away from spiritual truth and make them ready for a perverted system of spiritually that I think is now burgeoning. I used to think there would be a great "falling away" towards a lack of spiritual things but the more I study these warnings in the Bible the more and more it seems that apostasy rather than the antispiritual will manifest.
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    Are the Fundamental Constants Changing?

    For every action, there is a corresponding over-reaction. -- Anonymous

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