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Thread: Nasa forced to deny there was a long-lost ‘civilisation’ on Mars

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    Nasa forced to deny there was a long-lost ‘civilisation’ on Mars

    Out of the loop? Or outright lies by NASA official?

    Nasa forced to deny there was a long-lost ‘civilisation’ on Mars after questioning by Republican congressman
    By Andrew griffin

    Nasa has been forced to confirm that there almost certainly isn't a long-lost civilisation on Mars.

    During a hearing in the US congress, high-ranking staff of the space agency were asked whether there might once have been people living on the red planet.

    California Republican Dana Rohrabacher asked whether the fact that Mars once had a vastly different atmosphere meant that it could also have supported an entire civilisation that was now lost.

    "You have indicated that Mars was totally different thousands of years ago," he said. "Is it possible that there was a civilization on Mars thousands of years ago?"

    His question was answered by Kenneth Farley, who is a project scientist on the Mars 2020 rover mission and a professor of geochemistry at California Institute of Technology and was one of the scientists answering politicians' questions.

    He pointed out that the "evidence is that Mars was different billions of years ago. Not thousands of years ago".

    He also said that there is "no evidence that I'm aware of", that the planet was once inhabited.
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    "...that I'm aware of".

    Love that qualifier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wansen View Post
    "...that I'm aware of".

    Love that qualifier.
    If proven there was civilization on Mars, he left himself an out...

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    Well ya know . . .

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    "To my knowledge"? Uh, yea. Thank you Mr. Farley. Now we know that, without question, there was once life on Mars.

    And furthermore, we know that you know that too.
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    But, on the other hand, suppose this guy is right... that there never was (nor is) any intelligent life on the planet Mars. Actually that's not surprising at all considering that's where men are from.
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  7. #7 my opinion..........there is a plethora of evidence (many individual pieces of compelling evidence) that there either is, or has been, "intelligent" life on Mars. And some of that evidence is posted here at the Outpost in the ExtraPlanetary Anomalies forum board section. With what we can see from the many NASA photos, if there is intelligent life on Mars today, it most likely is underground - and there is at least some evidence confirming that too!

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