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I often wonder just how something of this magnitude could actually surface. Think about that for a moment. Firstly, what we are talking about here, is the actual discovery of an intelligent non human specie...WHAT! Can you imagine just for a moment, if this were true???

If confirmed, we are talking about a fundamental change in human history, human society and human religions, as we know it...nothing, and I mean nothing in all of human history comes close, it would be, Earth shattering!

Now, do you think TPTB will for one moment allow that information to gain any traction?? The first and most effective method of distraction is of course - ridicule and that the perpetrators have created a hoax. It never fails, look what happened to the small 6" alien in Chile's Atacama desert. They have successfully drifted that little fella away from the mainstream mind.

I think Weidner and Maussan as well as several others involved have put their reputation on these findings and so far, the X rays and carbon dating look to be just what they say they are and I do believe the both of them are convinced of their discoveries.

It should be quite easy soon enough to know whether or not this is a hoax, but so far, NOTHING IMO is indicative that these mummies are fake, in fact, so far, everything looks very positive. I think we need to keep an open mind now and wait for the DNA evidence before we condemn these brave researchers.
Personally I have very good reason to think that TPTB are actually behind this, or rather behind Gaia TV as an entity, it's got a huge amount of cash & internet presence.

This is akin to the "alien bodies" from Roswell, IMO, it's a psy-op, not your average psy-op to be sure, it's for those who have read books on ufos & seen a lot of youtubes on the subject, believers who have already made steps out of mainstream thinking.

Much like the nuke & thermite theories for 9/11, false avenues to lure seekers from the path.

The disappointment that will inevitably follow at some date, plus the increasing stalling on the release of data will also serve to make folks lose interest in the subject.