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Thread: In Memoriam: Doc

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    In Memoriam: Doc

    It is with great sadness that I must inform you that one of our founding - and much beloved - members, Doc, passed away on Wednesday 26 July of 2017.

    He will be missed dearly.

    To his wife and family, our heartfelt sympathies.
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    I hated to wake up to this today. How old was Doc? And do you have any links to his obit? Doc was a great friend and this is going to be tough with out him here.. Damit, he will be miss Dearly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by earthman View Post
    I hated to wake up to this today. How old was Doc? And do you have any links to his obit? Doc was a great friend and this is going to be tough with out him here.. Damit, he will be miss Dearly.
    Doc passed away after a few years of declining health.
    He was in hospice care, with his wife by his side, at the end.
    I believe he was in his early 70s.
    As anyone who has had the unfortunate task knows, it takes time for the family to get final arraignments in place.
    We will share what details we can, as they become available.
    His family has requested a small PRIVATE affair, so for now this is his obituary.

    Doc, aka SurferDoc, was my friend for about the past 10 years and that time did fly by. I will miss him.
    One of the few truly good people I have had the pleasure of knowing in my lifetime.
    His knowledge, compassion, and willingness to share with others will always be an inspiration.

    Rest In Peace Doc. Your days of truth seeking are done. We are better people for having known you.

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    progress. -- Joseph Joubert
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    I don't have any words to convey my sadness at Doc' passing.

    Just a terrible loss to all who knew him.

    RIP Doc.

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    Doc was a wise, compassionate and wonderful person. It was an honor and privilege to know him and count him as my friend for the last several years. His legacy is the knowledge and wisdom he has passed on to all of us, both through his posts and blogs on the forums as well as the countless personal conversations we had over the years.

    Doc, you live on in our hearts and souls. RIP my brother...

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    I cannot convey my sadness. Doc was one of the BEST! My sincere condolences to his family. He will be missed.

    Rest in peace Doc.
    "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth"
    Sherlock Holmes

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    Terribly sad news.

    From reading the above, the pain of his loss to our members is apparent.

    His significant contributions and wisdom will 'live on' here in his writings.

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    R.I.P Doc. You will be missed.
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    We know there is a heaven because if there wasn't it would have to be especially created for Doc.

    I have no words to describe the pain loss and grief we feel now. He was the finest wisest and kindest man I was fortunate to know.

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    Absolutely gutted to hear that. it's like losing one of the founding father's. much love to his family he was well loved here

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